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Io sono io.
Mi chiamo Valerie.
Non credo che vivrò ancora a lungo e volevo raccontare a qualcuno la mia vita. Questa è l’unica autobiografia che scriverò e… Dio!

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2014/12/18 Thu, 11:51 PM


While I was watching the ceremony, I can’t help but think of my marriage.

I can’t help but imagine what my future wedding will be. 259 more words


2014/12/16 Tue, 10:18 PM

You got so used to his love that it became a norm. You got so used to it it was just like the air you breathe. 411 more words


Bleeding Gratitude

Originally written 11/8/2014

My heart is crying.  I am thankful to be so connected to others that I am able to suffer the scratchy pain of severment when separated.  224 more words


If I Give You Love?

I’ve been thinking about you. Are you thinking about me as, well? I’ve been in my feelings of loving you. I apologize I can’t control myself when it comes to you. 147 more words




Defined as being used to introduce a statement that adds something to a previous statement and usually contrasts with it in some way.

If I hate any word, it is but. 498 more words


To Tony

And I ask myself, after 5 days of not talking, are you worth it?

I know that whenever I write songs about you and about the things that you made me feel and how beautiful you are to me, it is my gain as a writer… but are you worth the reminisce? 427 more words