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Self-Loving Vs A Multi-Billion Pound Industry

Your Fat.Your Too Thin.Your Overweight.Your the Ideal Weight.I Wish I was the same size. I Need a Diet. All the questions you say to yourself, at least once when you look at your naked self in the mirror. 366 more words

Tonight is the night you’re going to say “I love you”.

Be careful this time.


I Love You By Amore Lee

I Love You

Nah I didn’t cut you
I just stroked you with my knife
Why you going on all crazy
Here, wipe the blood… 324 more words

Current Update


There is something about summer
that just makes loving so easy;
maybe the heat makes you dumber
or the sunscreen makes you queasy
but when your lying in the sand… 146 more words

Father's Day

Love. What is it?

The bed time stories that made your childhood wonderful. The birthday surprises just to see what you make of your face. Your favourite dishes on your whim. 206 more words


Single Review - Girl Band - De Bom Bom

Girl Band are an all male noise quartet from Dublin and they are about to release their new single ‘De Bom Bom’ on September 1st with a cover Beat Happening’s ‘I Love You as it’s B-Side. 115 more words


Always and Forever

I want to feel that ache in my bones when a hear a name
I want to feel fingers slide down my shoulders
linger on my bra-straps a silent question I do not answer… 58 more words