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Missing You

I do not miss a
Part of you, but a part of
Me, is missing: you


It's Gonna Be Ok

I don’t know you all the words to say to you, but I understand how you feel. I have lost someone that was very dear and close to my heart, but your connection with your loved one was a one of a kind love that no one else to fill and replace. 277 more words

College Issues

Great Bumper Sticker

Found this while looking for some cover art for our Facebook page. (click here) It’s simple, clear, direct, and made by an indie artist and sold on Zazzle. 17 more words


Haiku 9: Reach

I miss you so much
And it feels just like drowning
Reach out. Please save me.


i let you go

because in the end
you can’t always choose
what to keep.
you can only choose how
to let it

I let you go
kicking and screaming;

15 more words
Bad Poetry

Do You Want Me to Stay?

I just want to know that
You will miss me
Like I’m already missing you
You washed my past away
And I just need to know… 17 more words


Safe and Sound.

I can see the moonlight reflect off of your face. You face into me, safe and sound. Just breathe.
I won’t ever forget how much I wanted your heart,  there and then. 157 more words