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Looking for new beginnings

We’ve been together for a year and half and the first year was a mixture of the most terrible things but was also the most beautiful and amazing thing I have ever experienced. 245 more words

I Miss You


I think about him everyday.
It’s weird because I miss him yet I don’t miss him.
Maybe I don’t miss him because I’m busy at work. 118 more words

Being In Love

Turn off the lights

I miss you, is that OK?
Do you want to still love me for another day?
would you love to have me would you love me to stay? 16 more words


I miss you

but I’m drunk, so don’t take that to heart.


Sleeping At Last

The soundtrack to my rainy week… I can’t stop missing you, because it is connected with my breaths.

I’ve waited a hundred years.
But I’d wait a million more for you. 174 more words

Black And White

Review: Girl's Day - "I Miss You (Want To See)" Is Pretty Basic Stuff and That's A-OK

After a brief absence, Girl’s Day sort of returns with “I Miss You (Want To See)”, a ballad which would be a strong filler track on a mini album but one that feels a little lackluster as a single for a music video. 462 more words


‘i would always miss you’
‘i would always care’

so they said

but like the sudden cold breeze
like the bitter of medicine
the sting after a pinch… 21 more words