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love you

”Don’t fall for anyone in life…
Until they
are really ready to catch you in any

Holding back

Let it flow it’s much easier..
At least that’s what I’m learning
I created a invisible cast around my entire body..
That way my feelings and emotions would never hit the surface..
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Pale Ghosts and Fallen Cities

50% of the time I make up my familial history and background.  The other two-thirds I’m just tired and wish I could go home. Something about this time of year does that to a man, I suppose. 534 more words


On dreaming about you

I saw you in my dream. I got to hold your hands and walk with you, and above all, I got to see you smile… 69 more words



Shiiiit. Love feels hella impossible at the moment. I met a super, awesome guy but he’s not sure if he’ll be in my city for much longer.   171 more words

False thoughts

I thought you had lost feelings
and I lost my mind because I was in love with yours,
but today I heard my phone buzz and I finally didn’t get my hopes up for it to be you but it was… 22 more words


i can't stop crying

I want to rip out your lashing tongue and claw my way to your heart

About A Boy