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I Miss Him Today

I miss him today.  More than usual, no particular reason.  I just do.  Sitting on the freeway, waiting for it to be “my turn” remembering him saying that its motion activated, silly stupid things like that.  135 more words


I'm still here

Brave faces crack, eventually.

I hate you for this.

Mini Wisdoms


no matter how many days go by, i still miss the company of my old friend seth. he made me laugh, he listened, he helped me. 107 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

I miss him.

It has been a freaking long time since I last ranted, whined and complained through a diary-like way…

And I’m so sorry that I’m writing. I’m so sorry for myself that I am and I just really want to stop writing but I just can’t… I wanna stop because the last time that I wrote something stupid was when he wasn’t in my life yet… And now that I’m writing my deepest thoughts again, it makes him being gone seem more real. 751 more words

Day 538 I miss her so much

My babies are back and that means overdrive. We went to Top Golf on Friday night. If you have never been its great entertainment and a great way to get a taste for golf. 278 more words

Love Pictures Quotes

All my life, you’ve made me believe
I was worth only what someone would pay for me.
But Christian loves me.
He loves me, Harold. He loves me, 71 more words