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Chapter Four:

An insurmountable amount of pressure rests upon my shoulders. The invisible mountain. I feel it migrate to my chest sometimes, rendering me breathless. The darkness closes around the corners of my vision while the weight on my chest expands to paralyze every digit and muscle. 138 more words

A big step for mankind, an even bigger one for Me.

Its been a few months since packing up that small flat in the outskirts of Coventry. In May I folded, squashed, threw out, donated and left my belongings – and my old self – in those Halls of Residence in the West Midlands. 292 more words


Ruminations and Stuff and Things

 ONE YEAR AND A HALF. The time I’d spent lazing about San Francisco was the beginning of, well, unemployment and the degradation of my pursuit to read as much novels as I could. 202 more words


Well, I Guess It's Time To Look For A New Job


Nothing is going on with the Daquan meme. I have to give up for the time being. My Web stats are way, way down today and they went down dramatically last weekend, so maybe that is going to happen again. 154 more words


'Filled Out Any Applications Yet?' -- Come On, Internet, Help Me Out

My sister is giving me grief about not looking for job applications.

And she has a point. I should be looking for a job instead of worrying about a mythical African American male named Daquan. 278 more words


What Michael Scott Can Teach You About Networking

If you are a fan of the tv show, The Office, then you know that Michael Scott is a horrible boss, but a great salesman.  445 more words

I Need A Job!