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Well, I Guess It's Time To Look For A New Job


Nothing is going on with the Daquan meme. I have to give up for the time being. My Web stats are way, way down today and they went down dramatically last weekend, so maybe that is going to happen again. 154 more words


'Filled Out Any Applications Yet?' -- Come On, Internet, Help Me Out

My sister is giving me grief about not looking for job applications.

And she has a point. I should be looking for a job instead of worrying about a mythical African American male named Daquan. 278 more words


What Michael Scott Can Teach You About Networking

If you are a fan of the tv show, The Office, then you know that Michael Scott is a horrible boss, but a great salesman.  445 more words

I Need A Job!

You Resigned. You Were Given a Counteroffer. Now What?

By Linda Matias, CareerStrides

Breaking up is hard to do. To gear up for the fateful day, the “dumper” usually plays the scenario over and over in his or her mind until the perfect break up line is found; a line that has the right balance of honesty and diplomacy. 629 more words

Job Search

I'm Back!!!



I’m laying here in my bed after another long work week. I started my job May 5th and honestly between the baby, work, and school…I been tired boss! 445 more words

Week Sixty-Three (w/c 13th June) - Is It Time To Go Home Yet?

I say ‘home’ but I really just mean the UK in general. I’m beginning to think that home is just a mythical place, something that far too many people spend far too much energy longing for and attempting to create in the end only to be disappointed. 991 more words


What is Wake Up Now?

It is a Financial Management Software Company helping people: Save money, Make money, and Manage money.

It’s a network marketing company (network marketing is over a billion dollar industry). 77 more words