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Hello guys!

With this message I’d like to ask you to support me on my desperate try to participate the graphic design competition running by Open Brand and Leo Burnett. 63 more words

It’s My Job To Hold The Umbrella.

I answered the ad and they stuck an umbrella in my hands and said, “Hold it for anyone who asks, particularly women.”

They didn’t need to say it twice, I like women. 556 more words


Is this real life?

So here is the deal. I am very positive that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you the things I see in the town I live in. 273 more words

I Got a Job



So, I guess my natural hair was not keeping me unemployed…but I already put a relaxer in it(which I will get to in a bit). But first, yes indeed…I got an answer back from my last interview and I should be starting work in May, pending a complete background check. 508 more words


I just sent my cover letter and resume in for a job as an editor/proofreader/instruction booklet writer at a scrapbooking supplies company 10 minutes from me. 70 more words


Is My Natural Hair Keeping Me Unemployed???

“When you are relaxed, white people are relaxed. When you’re nappy, they’re not happy”–Paul Mooney

I have had to seriously contemplate this question lately. I went on my third job interview since being out of the military this week and I feel as though I aced the interview, as I did the last interview I went on about three weeks ago. 438 more words

Adventures in Plasma Donation

Before I get to my adventurous day today, I’ve gotta stop and point out how important stuff like blood donations, organ donations, and plasma donations are. 1,279 more words