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Wordless Wednesday 10-1-14

It’s October 1st! This is a wonderful day in my world! And now, let’s bring on Wordless Wednesday!

And, for those that don’t know – I don’t have cable anymore, we are a pure internet TV family, and I’ve just discovered something I will miss:


I Put A Spell On You ;)

a really nice cover of the original!  plus the soundtrack of the trailer of the upcoming movie “saint laurent”!! 😘


I Put A Spell On You

Some songs reach out and fill you with emotion. The Blues is a genre based on emotion and as such knows how to make you move and feel the music. 245 more words


Vengeance (Prose)

Carefully, Abbie picked Owen’s coat pocket as he napped by the fire.

Practical Reanimation Spells.  The book’s spine turned to flakes at her touch.  In its unnatural weight she felt great age and great burden. 166 more words