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What's I.Q. All About?

I found this article floating around my Facebook page tonight.

I’ve seen the brain teaser before about Farmer Gray and Farmer Brown. Apparently, if you can solve it, you belong in MENSA? 638 more words

Deep Stuff

The Interactive Universe

The universe as we know it today wasn’t always like this but it changed over billions of years, a time span even hard to imagine. But how did it change? 351 more words

Fact Monster

Supreme Court strikes down law setting strict I.Q. limit for execution

NBC News — The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a law used by Florida and other states that set a strict cut-off, based on IQ test scores, to determine eligibility for the death penalty. 202 more words


I.Q - Freaky

I decided to watch I.Q just because it has Meg Ryan, yes, I am fan of that woman. There is something very child like about her that always makes me smile watching her. 324 more words