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for the die-hard idiot

Spot on dude. Oh, wrong intro; let us begin shall we? Nothing more satisfying than the intelligence found among the indoctrinated liberal (zilch) and their collective diatribe towards anyone, or anything, resembling logic, honesty, commonsense, and other worthless attributes of humankind comprised with an I.Q. 21 more words

Sick at Heart and Lonely, Deep in Dark Despair..................

Hi and thanks for reading this.

First of all, I hate our congress and rick perry.

And would it kill Mika Brezinski to change the 1960’s hairstyle, and the pale, pink-white lipstick?. 1,130 more words

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What's I.Q. All About?

I found this article floating around my Facebook page tonight.

I’ve seen the brain teaser before about Farmer Gray and Farmer Brown. Apparently, if you can solve it, you belong in MENSA? 638 more words

Deep Stuff

The Interactive Universe

The universe as we know it today wasn’t always like this but it changed over billions of years, a time span even hard to imagine. But how did it change? 351 more words

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