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Propagande, désinformation et l'extermination des juifs

Une des vérités de ce siècle est que les DÉMOCRATIES alliées en guerre contre HITLER ne se souciaient à peu près pas de l’extermination [ DES JUIFS ] 296 more words


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One of the truths of this century is that DEMOCRACIES who were allied in the war against HITLER did not really cared about extermination [ OF JEWS]. Strategically, they were in war against German expansionism not against the NAZI regime. Tactically ( rhythm of the offensives, bombings places, commando operations, etc..), none of their decisions had for aim to prevent, or even limite extermination. And while they were, very early, perfectly aware [1]. And even today, our DEMOCRATIES, quite humanitarian when it comes to bomb Serbia or Iraq, do not care a lot about the extermination of millions of Africans by a disease, the AIDS, that we know how to control, and that we control in Europe or the United States, but against which, for ECONOMICAL reasons and PROPERTY reasons, COMMERCIAL right reasons and FINANCIAL priority which are IMPERIAL reasons, all quite conceivable reasons and thoughts, we will not give medecines to dying African people. Only to white Democrats. In both cases, the real problem of the century is the mixing between the "democracies" and that after they refer to barbarism as their OTHERWISE of which they are innocent. And what to change is this discursive process of innocenting. And it's only after, on this point, that we could construct some truths. THE CENTURY, Alain Badiou Collection: L’ordre philosophique [1] About the informations transmited to the Allies about the processus of extermination and the gas chambers, we can refer to the capital book "I escaped from Auschwitz" written by Rudolf Vrba and Alan Bestic (traduced from french by me so sorry for the mistakes)    

I think we can relate this extract to some actual wars in the world...

Always think about what you see

A few weeks ago the medias started to speak about the war/genocide between Israel and Palestine.
You must have seen shocking photos, videos and numbers of dead people on the TV, in the newspaper or on social medias but what you must remember in that case is to… 223 more words

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Do shopping while waiting the metro in Korea

As it says in this article in french, the life in South Korea is mainly about work and people have no time for shopping so the stores moved to a place where workers have to go: Metro. 61 more words


The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

3 years ago, i went for a Tarot reading at Prinsep Street. It was after about a year that i changed to my current job, and i wasn’t happy at all. 206 more words

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Deadline, Mira Grant

Warning: contains spoilers from the first book.

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