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作者:William Shakespeare


英倫大文豪沙士比亞筆下的悲劇《馬克白》(Macbeth),我列為人生必讀的劇作。估計寫於英王詹姆斯一世(James I of England)從蘇格蘭南下英格蘭登基後,於1606年首次演出,1623年收錄成書。《馬克白》也是詹姆斯時期的首部作品。 383 more words

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Swing, Man.

I stumbled upon this letter the other day:

It’s written by Frank Sinatra, in the September of 1990, to George Michael, following an interview Michael did with the LA Times’ Calendar Magazine. 229 more words

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Mercy Among The Children by David Adams Richards

Sidney Henderson staunchly keeps a childhood promise to never harm another soul. His pacifism, as well as his family’s history, make life emotionally, socially, and economically brutal for his wife – the meek Elly and their three children: Lyle, Autumn, and Percy. 63 more words


The Orenda by Joseph Boyden

Bird, one of the Huron’s great warriors, kidnaps a young Iroquois girl (Snow Falls) after massacring her family, in retribution for the slaughter of his wife and children years before.  57 more words


Magazine Covers & Gift Guides for December 2014

White & blue theme again (67 recipes! That’s 57 too many?)

Chatelaine’s going for a white & blue Christmas (130 gifts yo)

White & blue for Flare too (235!! 281 more words


Manga Naruto đã hết

Cuối cùng, chap cuối cùng của Naruto đã ra, kết thúc 15 năm từ ngày truyện ra đời. Vừa vui vừa buồn, vui vì cuối cùng câu chuyện cũng đã có một cái kết sau bao lâu chờ đợi. 77 more words

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Our "mommy" problem

FORTY years ago, my mother and her two friends drank coffee, ate homemade cherry pie and chain-smoked their way through lively debates over whether a popular author was daringly frank or a chauvinist, while their children were expected to play nicely outside and rarely interrupt.

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