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I remember

The task we were set today in our ISHE class was to write sentences or paragraphs that begin with ‘I remember’ relating to museums we had visited. 141 more words

I Remember

I remember...

The first week and introduction to CTS and ISHE. We looked at an extract from Joe Brainard’s FRIEZE magazine ‘I remember’, in which Brainard accounts his significant childhood memories in disjointed sentences all beginning with the phrase ‘I remember’.   59 more words


Last week's CTS recap

At the moment we got a task to write a little recap of what we did last week in our CTS class. Therefore, I am going to use the ‘I remember..’ method for a quick recap: 60 more words


Joe Brainard 'I Remember'

The ‘I Remember’ book by Joe Brainard was suggested after our first CTS/ISHE lesson (Or was it a lecture? Or a class?). I will probably look that up on moodle to find out. 335 more words


I Remember

She taught me everything I know, and when I’m really listening she teaches me more deeply. Even now I strive to not disappoint her, as she endures within me.  40 more words