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Kaskade Releases ‘I Remember’, A ‘Best Of’ Album Compilation!

There’s no doubt that Kaskade will go down in history as one of the defining artists for the millennial generation, and that’s ironic because he began his craft in his college dorm room. 311 more words

Electro House

Wide Open And Weary: I Wanted To Be A Backpacker

On Wenceslas Square we saw a man playing a makeshift instrument, a table top criss-crossed with piano wire. The man bent over the wires and tapped them with a wooden mallet. 487 more words

Daily WP

I remember

I remember Pop, arms up, yelling “Hey hey, Matey!” as soon as I entered the room. Even in the hospital when gran was dying.

I remember yet another first day in yet another first school, meeting yet another new person, and finding ourselves in the same class. 253 more words


I Remember

I remember blasting the horn and the garlic repeating and hanging foulness on my breath

I remember blasting the horn and my fingers gripping the the steering wheel as I enjoyed it’s moulded curves… 82 more words

Writing Workshop

I remember…

I remember when I was eleven living on Livingston road in Coosa. I loved everything about my neighborhood, and I was so proud to be a country boy with creeks and trails and horses and friends. 635 more words

Sames and Differents

Sames and Differents, songs that relate, lyrically, sonically, but are, in fact, different. I used to do this on a Tumblr, but now I’m adding it to this blog. 48 more words

Leonard Cohen

Sam and the truck

When Sam was 3, he crushed his little hands in the door handle of the truck. Somehow, he’d gotten his baby fingers jammed up inside the exterior handle itself, so that Dad had to push his bruised, tiny hand even further into the metal handle to get it out. 120 more words