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I Remember

She taught me everything I know, and when I’m really listening she teaches me more deeply. Even now I strive to not disappoint her, as she endures within me.  40 more words


I Remember

A little bit about myself as inspired by the book ‘I Remember’ by Joe Brainard. Each comment around my hand is a piece of information about myself that I thought of with the phrase ‘I remember’.


I Remember When...

I remember when I last set foot in Waikiki’s beautiful ocean. My band friends and I had just come back from a dance and we were all dressed to the nines. 444 more words


I Remember

Any small thing can trigger a memory, just looking at my hand I didn’t have enough to time to write everything that came to mind. Based on the writing style of Joe Brainard’s “I Remember”, the sentences on the left read: 97 more words



We were asked to draw our hands and write something about inside it. We were then put into groups and had to write 5 sentences starting with ‘I remember’ based on the book by Joe Brainard.