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I saw her standing there

Written in late 1962, this explosive rocker is often ascribed to its singer McCartney; indeed Lennon himself recalled little involvement with it.

Now rated a rock-and-roll standard, I saw her standing there is reckoned by those who knew the Beatles in their early days to be one of the most representative Liverpool club songs. 118 more words


From Michael Jackson To The Beatles: The Top 10 LEGO Music Videos Ever

Source: CBC Music – By Jennifer Van Evra / Elke Hassell

The new LEGO Movie has become a massive hit and topped North American box offices for weeks — but long before the tiny building blocks hit the silver screen, Lego lovers around the world were painstakingly creating music videos out of the stackable plastic pieces. 206 more words

Michael Jackson

"I Saw Her Standing There", The Beatles

“I Saw Her Standing There” beautifully illustrates why The Beatles were so popular.  It starts off with Paul counting to four, and then the music kicks in and you’re immediately hooked.  182 more words