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Sawa Bona - I see you

We are human only through the humanity of others – Nelson Mandela

Life can be so busy that we never stop to think how we automatically say ‘hello’ – is it just a superficial pleasantry that saves us from having to engage on any deeper level? 288 more words

Random Thoughts

It happened again.

The last time Joey and I boarded a plane and went away for a few days, our trip exploded into a mind-blowing, “what just happened” experience. 916 more words



God’s been quiet lately.

And the human-ness in me wants to hear him speak personally again.

But the truth is, he’s been quietly waiting. . . 563 more words

I See You

I see You
But you don’t want to be seen
You don’t want to fight your demons today
Only to nestle, quite contently
In the belly of ignorance… 557 more words


Sometimes we play hide and seek.

Photo Diary


Paris, 20/09/2014

Metti che sei una che non ha mai vinto nulla al lotto, nemmeno ingenti cifre al gratta e vinci, nemmeno alle pesche di beneficenza, ma ciononostante ci provi sempre; ed è così che un paio di giorni fa mi sono iscritta al concorso per vincere l’ingresso gratuito al Secret Show de i “THE HORRORS” a Parigi… 606 more words

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