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13: No Directive: I Spy

Many children have special pre-bedtime rituals. For me, much of that time was spent with my Dad and our “I Spy” book. Not only were the picture riddles fun, but I enjoyed the rhymes that went along with the pages. 194 more words

I spy with my little eye....

One of our artists is especially excited about photography. We recently went to an art exhibit where the handmade papers, mosaic butterflies, and detailed graphite drawings didn’t impress her…but when she saw the photography section her creativity switch seemed to flick on. 158 more words


Found Objects: Alley Artifacts

What an assortment of randomness! But somehow I find beauty in these found objects.

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Veo veo: Cortázar*

I ring the bell twice because the doorbell’s speaker doesn’t work, so he knows that it’s someone he knows and goes down to open the door, and while I wait I think about how I came to know this kind of things, because of all the chances in the world for us to meet, the two of us ended up sitting on the floor of that huge red hallway waiting to be judged by economic professors who had no idea that while they deliberated, we talked about traveling and music and the desire to go home because we hadn’t been with our mothers for such a long time, and although the results were different we kept talking but through other means, and I thought that I had done something right because no one ever likes me, but he decided to continue talking with me even after only knowing each other for a few hours, and apparently I was an exception to the rule because I told people about it and they were surprised that he has done something like that, but he did it and from that moment on there were a lot of encounters and disencounters because ultimately each of us were minding our own things, our lives, our plans, our friends, but we always ended up seeing each other, either because I’d find him walking on eucalyptus leaves and from behind I’d call him saying… 360 more words

And Other Stuff Too

I Spy Fall - Printable reader, worksheets and SMART notebook activity

Here we have printable readers for the theme of fall. Each page has a picture of a fall symbol (squirrel, leaf, rake etc) and the words “I spy a ——.” The worksheets have all of the fall pictures and can be used for colouring or identification. 60 more words


(A Fond Farewell to) Richard Kiel!

Ever since being ostracized from Mrs. Applebaum’s Talent Cotillion, after deciding to belt out Patti Smith tunes while waving around a loaded nail gun (in my effort to win that much lauded kiddy show crown), I have felt a special kinship with all vagrant strewn outsiders and everyday freaks! 275 more words


Richard Kiel, 007 and spy villain, dies at 74

Richard Kiel, who stood more than 7-feet-tall, making him a natural as a villain in 1960s spy series plus two James Bond films, has died at 74, according to an obituary in the… 238 more words

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