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Reminder: TSA Has Magic Machines That Will Find Gun Parts Hidden In A PlayStation 2

This just in: X-ray machines used by the Transportation Security Administration have the power to see through plastic — yes, even the plastic used in gaming consoles! 237 more words

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

It was drilled into our heads during government back in high school. I think you know the phrase I’m about to say …

In the court of law, you are “innocent until proven guilty.” … 1,081 more words


Is Dr. William "Bill" Cosby a 21st century Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Hello Everyone:



I must say that this article by supermodel Beverly Johnson is believable.  I like many others wondered at the motives of the other 25 women who have accused Bill Cosby of drugging and raping them and I know that some of these allegations are embellished, some were for payment for the tabloid press, some intentionally planned to destroy his good guy reputation, some are for money by extortion via Cosby lawyers to keep a story or person quite or are just out-and-out lies. 687 more words


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