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The #1 Best Advice I Was Ever Given

You would think that the best advice you’d ever received would change over the years. But I received my best advice as an adult many years ago, and it remains true and valuable today. 496 more words


Confirmation on the Iron Dome & Other Guilty Confessions; Burn those Benjamins!

Remember the post the other day, about the Iron Dome? See here. It was a short analysis on that particular missile defense system. It piqued my curiosity because some in the Israeli Academia and beyond think that the Iron Dome missile launches, which cost in the realm of upwards of $50,000 beautiful greenbacks, aren’t actually hitting anything. 982 more words


Witty Title #63

Criminy, I’m indecisive. This is the fifth attempt at an opening paragraph. And it took almost a week to settle on a topic for this post. 516 more words

Money Laundering Made Easy or, Remember Kid, It's All About Location, Location, Location...

Today we once again turn our attention to the fascinating world of international money laundering. As I mentioned in a previous post, it’s no secret that in recent years the US government has made a concerted effort to close the Swiss-cheese-like loopholes in both the federal tax and criminal codes that have allowed so many to essentially completely dodge their tax obligations. 206 more words