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Nothing Sadder Than An Empty Birdcage...

How many times have I told you, lock up┬áthe birdcage *before* the ceremony starts, never leave it all on its lonesome while you’re distracted at the altar? 46 more words

I told you so

One of the things that annoy me the most is when you keep giving your friend advice, but they end up doing the exact opposite – then they start to complain. 12 more words


28 Days Later

Like many people in Scotland (almost 45%) the dawning of the 19th of September felt like the start of an apocalypse movie. So, 28 days after Scotland decided to choose a slow and steady decline of its economy and society over the possibly risky chance for revolutionary change, equality and enhanced democracy lets review exactly what we got for our troubles; 347 more words

Gordon Brown

30 Day Challenge: Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: Earliest Memory

Ok. So I was possibly three or four. I just know I was preschool aged.

Mum had one of her friends and her daughter G over who would have been a couple of years older than me. 180 more words


Renisha McBride's Killer Gets Sentenced

According to This Article from the LA Times Theodore P. Wafer who murdered Renisha McBride, is getting 17-32 years. At the very least he is gonna do 17 years. 1,263 more words