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"He sprang from the cabin window as he said this, upon the ice raft which he lay close to the vessel. He was soon borne away by the waves and lost in darkness and distance." - Frankenstein, chapter 24.

And so, the book closes on the first round of ATP.  This was such a huge learning experience for all of us, and we’re now looking forward to our next round with a new set of strategies.  378 more words

A Tattered Page

If it is such a great wave, why am I the only one surfing?

Amateur surfers are easy to spot. They work frantically to catch a wave, and when they eventually do, their balance deserts them, leaving them flailing in the air and then in the water. 610 more words

"But this discovery was so great and overwhelming that all the steps by which I had been progressively led to it were obliterated, and I beheld only the result." - Frankenstein, chapter 4.

As I often say… Eventing ain’t easy.

The interesting thing about choosing Frankenstein for this first round of A Tattered Page is that much like the book, the event itself is somewhat of an experiment. 765 more words

A Tattered Page

Just Can't Help

About twenty-five years ago, I wrote a short story that changed everything for me.  It was the first time I just sat down and wrote from the heart; I took something that was happening in my own life and I turned it into a piece of fiction that hit so close to home that it was almost physically painful to write. 1,120 more words


There, there, get it all out.

My best guess is that despite the NYTimes and the entire Democratic party being in denial about this, voters really HATE Obamacare.  It’s the cheap airlines special of healthcare where you have no idea what the guy sitting next to you paid for the same seat but you’re pretty sure he got a better deal than you did. 825 more words


Nothing Sadder Than An Empty Birdcage...

How many times have I told you, lock up the birdcage *before* the ceremony starts, never leave it all on its lonesome while you’re distracted at the altar? 46 more words

I told you so

One of the things that annoy me the most is when you keep giving your friend advice, but they end up doing the exact opposite – then they start to complain. 12 more words