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I am proud to say that I am finally able to close another chapter in the Book of Grace. After such hard work and horrible moments with some very rare good ones in between, I can finally say I no longer work for this hell hole named Corona Cigar Company. 1,041 more words


I Win: My Life is Slightly Better than the Cathy Comic.

Here. I’ve proven it. My life is slightly better than the Cathy comic strip. I win.


My first camp is over. My target was 50K. My final word count was 71,375. I’ve validated it so now it’s official. I won. I’m about 65% through my outline so I’m not done yet, but I’ve broken the back of a story that’s been sitting on the back-burner for almost thirty years so I’m feeling immensely proud of myself right now. 127 more words


tiny books of delight

Chances are you might not understand this because it is genuine bookbinder gibberish.

See the tiny books in the photograph I am going to point out something important about them which I take totally for granted because thats the way I bind books. 14 more words

Little Successes

Today it rained and I got to use my nice, one-of-a-kind transparent umbrella for approximately 45 seconds.

I bet everyone was super jealous.
I win at life


I Win

Kiss My Ass, Husband Number Two

I found another investment to cash in. Keep playin’ the game buddy, there’s more where that came from.

The Agents - Card Game Review

I revisited a neat card game I played a few months ago.   The Agents is the first print-and-play card game that I’ve enjoyed.  Each time The Agents came up as a game option, it was proposed as a quick time-killer before the main event.  297 more words