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no regrets

looking back, there are no regrets, but a girl can wish.

i wish i’d known then what i know now.

i wish i’d appreciated my mind and the body i was so ashamed of. 203 more words


What is one thing (anything) you wished you had learned earlier?

I wish I had learned how unfair life is. Because as I go through new experiences and live through things I think and ask myself why it’s like that. 118 more words



I grilled steaks, baked potatoes/sweet potatoes, veggies and cherry pie (sale at Sam’s I make my own cherry pie and the Sam’s had lots of fruit in it A+ by our family). 594 more words

Deep Thoughts & Pomegranate Seeds

So, I’m sitting here now by my bay window, James Ingram singing on my Pandora, money drawing incense burning, heater making things toasty and cozy in my studio as my family chills nearby…Wayne’s reading, probably with a kitten in his lap and Sky just brought me a fresh cup of java and is now watching YouTube from his nest (his favorite chair). 368 more words

My Bohemian Life

The wish list

På tal om ingenting alls, jag har satt ihop en önskelista på vad jag önskar mig helst just nu. Den här listan kommer att ta lite tid att uppfylla men jag kommer inom några år att kunna bocka av det mesta. 224 more words


Gavy NJ (가비 엔제이): I Wish (좋겠다)

비를 참 좋아하던 너 그런 날에는
bireul cham johahadeon neo geureon nareneun

술 한잔 하자던 너 매일 비가 오면 좋겠다
sul hanjan hajadeon neo maeil biga omyeon joketda… 135 more words

2014 Comeback

I need a god damn drink!

Sup folks? So I just got home from school, lid in bed and turned on the tv. One of my favourite shows came on. Greys anatomy. 64 more words