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Upcoming performances/workshops September 2014

What a summer!? I’ve finally wrapped up some travels to the west coast and had the pleasure of performing at Hubba Hubba Revue in San Francisco, CA.  106 more words


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Saw her perform at the hubba hubba revue in San Francisco and was completely blown away. love this girl she rocks it on stage!

Ways to Trick Your Husband Into Cleaning

Ways to trick your husband into cleaning? Now that would be a great article to read. I wish I could find that. If you do, can you send it to me? 462 more words

Does This Happen To You?

The Story Behind I Wish by E.B. Tatby

I remember when I was little—I must have been five or six; I lay with my stomach pressed flat against the rusty floor of a merry-go-round at the park near my house. 486 more words

Young Adult

Skee Lo - I Wish (1995)

Skee Lo – I Wish (1995)

  • I wish i was little bit taller
  • I wish i was a baller
  • I wish i had a girl who looked good i would call her…
923 more words


She's hurt

Every time I look in a Mirror all I can think I’m hurt but you can’t tell.. If only people could see the pain in my eyes they could understand that I cry myself to sleep if they could comprehend that my laughter is only a disguise to hide how hurt I am. 120 more words


काश  हवाओ का रुख  एक बार फिर बदल जाए 

इस बदलते रुख  में मेरी परेशानिया भी सुलझ जाए 

फिर समझा पाउंगी में अपने मनको 

इसलिए इतने कष्ट हुए थे मेरे तनको।


काश एक बार फिर मेरी डूबती नईया को कोई पार लगा जाए 

नईया को किनारे कर, मेरे संग वो भी आ जाए 

फिर समझा पाउंगी में खुदको 

क्यों दिए थे कायनात ने इतने गम मुझको। 


काश एक बार फिर मेरा बचपन वापिस आ जाए

उस मासूम दुनिया में फिरसे मेरी सोच बदल जाए 

पर फिर भी समझा नहीं पाउंगी में खुदको 

मेरे बस में नहीं बदलना सबको। 


Prerna Mehrotra