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Snowfall at Aga Khan Museum & Ismaili Centre, Toronto - Salim Nensi Photos

Via http://salimnensi.pixieset.com/snowfallagakhanmuseum/

About Salim Nensi

Salim is a talented photographer and loves capturing all the facets of life through the lense of the camera. A passionate artist he loves to capture the brilliance of colour, light and shadows – a profound reflection of what he calls beauty. 305 more words


Malik Ladhani in Bishkek: Experiences in Central Asia

The helicopter slowly rose to what felt like only a few feet off the ground, and then all of a sudden jolted forward. Nadim and I let out simultaneous high-pitched shrieks. 449 more words


Timbuktu was once an economic and cultural centre

Timbuktu, in Mali, West Africa, was founded around 1100 CE as a camp due to its proximity to the Niger River. Caravans brought salt from mines to trade for gold and slaves, which were brought along the river from the south.  816 more words


Suraiya Jinah in Indonesia: A Mosaic of Different Cultures | America's Unofficial Ambassadors

2014 Unofficial Ambassador Suraiya Jinah volunteered in Indonesia at Dian Interfidei, a non-profit focused on building religious tolerance. She discusses some of the differences between practicing Islam in Canada and Indonesia and shares her own personal experiences. 439 more words


"Magical You"

I have been searching for You
all my life
on hidden paths
in secret places
long poplar avenues
where no bird sings
lonely points
where oceans meet… 73 more words



I just want to punch your face with as much strength as I can gather then I want to kiss you as hard as that punch I threw earlier on.