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On Commitment

The ear shattering rumbling of the tractor trailer truck faded as the truck disappeared around the corner, my first thoughts were; I’m dead; I’m hurt bad, what the hell am I doing in this god-forsaken desert riding an overloaded bicycle all alone? 528 more words

From where I stand...more Instagram favourites

“From where I stand” has so much meaning.  The world looks very different from our own point of view…literally!  The world, looking down, from a pregnant mum-to-be, certainly looks very different, but the same could be said of little children who stand ALOT closer to the ground!   257 more words


i Cryptic Crossword 1100 Virgilius

By the time I’d spotted the theme, it was too late to help with the few remaining entries… A little harder than usual, but always getable, even if I did Google to confirm one or two. 27 more words