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[Series] Vì sao đưa anh đến

Tôi là một nhà biên kịch trung niên và trầm tính, những thứ trong xã hội này đều được tôi nhìn qua và phán xét để đưa và các tác phẩm. 2,662 more words


Behold! The Most Insane Crowdfunding Campaign Ever

Hold on to your hats, because this is a good one. It’s a tale of disregarding the laws of physics, cancelled crowdfunding campaigns, and a menagerie of blogs who take press releases at face value. 1,344 more words


Apple updates the MacBook Pro

Apple has updated the MacBook Pro laptops. Some models gain faster chips and more memory, all at the same pricing as before. 17 more words

VirtualBox working again

I finally had time to look into my problems with VirtualBox. Apparently the issue was with the download from virtualbox.org. After uninstalling, I replaced the old download with a file directly from Oracle and reinstalled. 232 more words


Computer update and some speed tests

I have now officially started as a freelancer both in 3D and video compositing/editing. And to be able to work from home I had to get new computer which is running preeeetty nice. 114 more words