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So I was perusing some of the blogs I follow and considering what I was going to put into my post today when I came across something great. 229 more words

The Year of Loss Continues: RIP Sue Townsend

Sue Townsend has died, and people are saying that her death signals the end of an era. For me, this is true….but it’s really a cumulative effect. 349 more words

Six Degrees of (literary) Separation

Game time! Emma Chapman and Annabel Smith have come up with a blogging meme based on the idea that everyone in the world can be linked by six steps, only with books. 393 more words


Books Read in 2014 - 18. Complicity by Iain Banks

Genre: Scottish Fiction, Thriller

Narrative Style: First person narrator interspersed with second person descriptions of murders. Largely chronological with some flashbacks.

Rating: 5/5

Synopsis: Cameron Colley is a drug and drink addled journalist with an obsession with a serious of murders that happened a few years ago. 475 more words


100 years from now

Look into the future, what do you see? Underwater cities? Hover cars? Social harmony?

This is exactly the challenge that we posed to the SoundShoots… 333 more words

New Book Review of The Quarry by Iain Banks

A review of Iain Banks final novel, The Quarry. Find the review on the left hand side column under Non Bailey Reviews A – D.

The Bailey's Women's Prize For Fiction (2014 - )

Late to the Party: The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks (1988)

You could say I’m a fan of games. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember; one of my earliest memories growing up is going to buy an NES with my parents at a toy store down in the States. 1,003 more words