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What's In A Name?...........

……..Here’s a few names…………Begbie, Rebus, The Gruffalo, Tam O’Shanter, Chris Guthrie, Richard Hannay, Sherlock Holmes, Precious Ramotswe, Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Jean Brodie and Dennis The Menace!!!!!!!!! 598 more words

Ian Rankin

The Wasp Factory (in 256 words)

This is one of those things that is worth experiencing because there is nothing else like it, at least that I know of. I can’t say I overly enjoyed it. 236 more words


The Wasp Factory - Iain Banks

Cripes – it’s been a while! Things have been nuts over the last couple of months, and only now am I getting a chance to catch up with this blog – which is bad, because I’ve done a LOT of reading since my last post. 1,540 more words


Raw Spirit - Iain Banks

It’s been a while since I finished a book. The new kid being around has kept me busy and when you’re already slightly too tired for your own good, reading isn’t the thing that’s going to keep you going. 515 more words

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A Song Of Stone

I am reviewing the science fiction novel A Song Of Stone by Iain Banks which is an excellent book that I bought from kindle. This book isn’t science fiction in the strictest sense but is set in the near future at a time when there has been a war in Scotland and the fabric of society has broken down. 280 more words


Transition by Iain Banks

Transition is a post human science fiction political thriller that is set across multiple universes.

It’s written with clarity and passion. It moves through multiple points of view and different settings with confidence and style.  45 more words

On Libertarianism

Libertarianism. A simple minded right wing ideology ideally suited to those unable or unwilling to see past their sociopathic self regard.

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