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Indie Author Tips & Tricks: Make sure your writing heroes inspire you rather than depress you!

I’ve just finished reading what must be the best science fiction book I’ve read in a long time; Surface Detail, by Iain M. Banks. … 640 more words


Journal: Google Hangouts discussion with Iain M. Banks, Peter F. Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds

This evening I watched a Google Hangouts discussion with three science fiction authors I have now known for a long time, though only one in fact that I am highly familiar with in terms of their actual writing. 720 more words


What happened to my library books? (Also: New library books.)

A couple of months ago (yes, that long ago) I wrote a post about how weirdly my local library works. I also posted a picture of the books I borrowed. 409 more words


Look To Windward by Iain M. Banks

Reading status: Finished

Blurb: After a harrowing battle flashback, the scene shifts to one of the Culture’s wonderfully landscaped, ring-shaped artificial worlds called Orbitals. A ghastly light is awaited in the sky from distant suns detonated in the war of Consider Phlebas eight centuries earlier; an occasion for sombre festivity, pyrotechnics, and a memorial symphony from exiled alien composer Ziller. 57 more words


The Bet

I advocate a more market-oriented society.

That means I advocate giving up a good deal of state control over economic activity, in favor of property owners exercising direct control over their property and laborers exercising direct control over the sale of their labor. 1,260 more words


The Books We've Bought This Summer

As every book lover knows, there are never enough books one can have, bookshelf space be damned! Here are the latest books we have added in our expanding collection. 6 more words

Brandon Sanderson

The Delights of Deep Space

Spaceships travelling at many times the speed of light; humanoids meeting, greeting, shooting and loving other beings, their tentacles and eye-stalks swaying in the breeze; characters with unpronounceable names speaking wistfully in the midnight brightness of twin moons; these are just some of the ridiculous scenarios I’ve always scoffed at in science fiction. 975 more words