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How to do Things with Videogames (book)

In How to do Things with Videogames, author, professor, and game designer Ian Bogost refutes the many negative generalizations concerning video games and their impact on society. 309 more words

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Living the Dream: An Allegory for Breaking Procedure

What happens when videogames frustrate narrative lucidity and the expected norms of play? Every Day the Same Dream, a 2009 short game authored by Paolo Pedercini and his Italian collective Molleindustria, resists the formulaic patterns of videogame composition to produce new meaning. 152 more words

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The End of the "Gamer"

The notion that the “gamer” identity is ending is one Ian Bogost draws upon in hisĀ How to Do Things with Videogames (2011), and Patrick Jagoda gestures toward it in his work as well. 60 more words