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It was correct of Cameron to laud the achievements of Paisley’s career

Published at The Student Online 20/09/2014. Retrieved from http://www.studentnewspaper.org/it-was-correct-of-cameron-to-laud-the-achievements-of-paisleys-career/

Since the death of Ian Paisley last Friday, the former First Minister of Northern Ireland, he has had his political record lauded across the establishment, including by David Cameron. 508 more words

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Ian Paisley

I can’t remember if I posted when Ian Paisley died but the service today brings back a lot of memories of when I first began to learn about Irish politics. 228 more words

Quantum of Solas 7 - The one with Ukraine, Turkey, ISIS, Ebola, Tony Campolo, Ian Paisley and the Woman who Married Herself

Evangelicals being persecuted in Ukraine | Turkey stops Kurds returning to Syria | Ebola missionaries | Tony Campolo’s tribe | Ian Paisley | Grace Gelder – the woman who married herself. 14 more words


Good Old Norn Iron

One of the things being brought up in Northern Ireland teaches you is that no matter how much you explain the situation, or how educated the audience is, there will always be a certain element only… 747 more words