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A True Opt-Out on Smart Meters

A True Opt-Out: Evaluating Health Effects in Smart Meters

Smart Meters are coming to my town, as they may be to yours.  Smart Meters, which send WiFi signals back to mission control, will likely become more popular in future years since they save utility companies money and enable people to optimize energy savings if they so desire.   1,342 more words

Amendments to the Classification Act 1995 simplify video game classification

by Grace Wye

On 28 August the government passed new amendments to the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 that will change the way video games are classified in Australia. 443 more words

Local Issues

Rough Draft

I’ve been making a good amount of progress in Revit this past week. In addition to watching Lynda videos on tips and tricks for working with this new software, I’ve received some help from classmates and from experimenting on my own. 39 more words


Weekly Sketch: NEXT Elevation and Section Views

While I did not flush out these sketches as much as I would have liked to, I was able to visualize the front elevation of the building and get a better understanding of what the exterior might look like. 64 more words


First Iterations of Norfolk, VA

Our class was split up into 4 person groups, to retrieve background information regarding the NEXT Student Design Competition. My group was responsible for finding background information on Norfolk, VA where the fictitious building is to be located. 80 more words


NEXT Design Rules

Here’s a quick sketch study of the NEXT Education Building.

Here are the 12 Rules & Regulations regarding the overall building design. Some are mentioned within the sketch. 310 more words