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Istanbul Aydin University Men's Tennis Team

Istanbul Aydin University Men’s Tennis Team Writes History Istanbul Aydin UniversityWrites History Istanbul Aydin University Writes History by Becoming Europe ChampionSpot Istanbul Aydin University Sportsmen, added another success to its continuing success this season by becoming Europe Champion. 18 more words

Identifying The Sky: Asteroids, Meteors, and Planets

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Space Sunday. I know it is late one day, but I just got home last night and was too tired to do much of anything. 553 more words


WASP planets will get names in a public vote

Written by Tom Wagg

WASP planets, like all exoplanets, get catalogue numbers but, so far, have not been actually named. The International Astronomical Union policy is now about to change, with the… 216 more words

WASP Planets

We Need to Talk About Pluto

Come, sit down, friends. We need to have a little talk. A talk about Pluto, specifically. Look, I know. It was a big emotional blow when Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet. 1,395 more words


Smart Money is Leaving Gold Just as the ‘Herd’ is Jumping in

From June 2 to July 10 gold prices surged 8.7%. Commercial traders were the first to get in on this rally and the first to get out. 359 more words


Despite Selloff - Gold is Holding Support ... For Now

Various media outlets listed many ‘convincing’ reasons to buy gold (a few examples of recent media blunders are listed in the article), but the gold market did exactly the opposite. 460 more words


Help the International Astronomical Union choose the names of distant exoplanets and stars

(The Milky Way: Photo Credit & Copyright: Serge Brunier)

For the first time ever, the International Astronomical Union is giving the public the opportunity to name planets found outside our solar system. 293 more words

Outside Our Solar System