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Offshore Company Formations/Banking Bahamas

We have formed offshore International Business Companies in the Bahamas and Anguilla since 1990. We formed over 1,030 Bahamian companies and over 350 Anguilla companies. We are overseas agents for Anguilla registrar since 2001. 458 more words

September 2001

2. Acceptance

My reverie fizzled as the car arrived, replaced with an excited determination. Off to the office I went, where I would spend the next four days introducing products to a group of skeptical sales people. 1,264 more words


For parents

The school judo club setup demonstrations for visiting parents and i remember having to throw opponents in front of my parents.

Sensei Francis also performed a slow sword routine with a Katana to the music ki mi by Eneio Moritoni. 34 more words

The background

The school Judo Sensei was Mervyn Frances 4th Dan Renshi. He was a great teacher to me and the other pupils and as far as I am aware taught us some fairly essential skills. 92 more words

The start

My Judo started when I was about 11 or 12 at my school in Bideford. The school was Grenville College and I think I was being kind of annoying to other kids as we walked between the two parts of the school as I used to trip them up as we went along. 18 more words

Holy Week on TV

HOLY WEEK is a week of solemn devotion of the last earthly days of Christ. For Filipinos, either a believer or a non-believer, it is a week out of 52 weeks of reflection, lamentation and tradition. 1,046 more words

Philippine Television