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Social Currency - The future of fund raising?

Maybe, by the end of October, every Facebook user would have participated in this challenge and we will not have our Newsfeeds flooded with Ice Bucket Challenge (IBC) videos. 470 more words

Lemming baptism craze threatens global sanity

Greetings from the moral high ground – they say the smug is the reason for the beautiful sunsets up here. It’s packed too and everyone is in great form because we all did the ice bucket challenge and you didn’t. 666 more words

The Ice-Bucket Challenge and our power to subvert

I’ve recently seen one or two ill-judged rants about the Ice-Bucket Challenge (“IBC”) on Facebook, consisting of – you know, you’ve seen it – the time-worn argument that somebody in Canada (or insert the name of another developed nation) should not waste water if somebody in a country in Africa / Asia / somewhere else does not have access to safe water or even any water.  481 more words

Why It's Good to Fail in Mary Kay

This article on Pink Truth offers a little food for thought about the prospect of making a 50% profit from selling Mary Kay.

Now, I know you’ve been taught that Pink Truth is just a bunch of negative Nellies, lazy losers, and women who just didn’t work their businesses. 336 more words

Mary Kay

ALS and The "Challenge"

Dying is only one thing to be sad over. Living unhappily is something else.

This is a quote from a very good read by the title of “Tuesday’s With Morrie”.

1,000 more words

Icebucket Challenge

Oh, the Icebucket Challenge (or, as it is alternately referred to: the ALS Icebucket Challenge)…

The IBC (it will henceforth be referred to as IBC) is storming through social media these days at an impressive rate.  1,755 more words