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European Red-necked Phalarope tracked to the Pacific!

An incredible new piece of the migration puzzle has come to light recently. Scientists working on Red-necked Phalaropes Phalaropus lobatus in England have tracked a male from its breeding grounds at the… 268 more words


_44 Buying New Shoes In Haslemere With Martin


Route map here

So Martin (a friend from Argentina I used to work with) wanted to go for a ride as he got into mountain biking the year before after borrowing one of my bikes a couple of times and finally buying his own since he liked it so much. 271 more words


_40 Last Ride In Grenoble (On The Skid Machine)


Route map hereĀ 

Before I left Grenoble I decided to have a big BBQ and party at my place since I had such an awesome house with the swimming pool and BBQ outside and huge garden. 173 more words


_39 On The Skid Machine With Steve And Umberto


Route map here

I think this was right after we finished our exams but still had out project to finish and present, so I guess a little celebration for finishing that/any excuse to go and ride. 97 more words


_38 Borrowed Steve's Bike


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I broke my bike :( Whilst Jonny was visiting the last time my bike developed a rather loud creaking noise and a bit of play in the frame, it turned out the pivots had worn away in the carbon frame so it is away to get fixed on warranty…. 100 more words


_37 Morning DH Behind My House With Jonny


Route map here

Jonny had to get to the airport to fly home at around 2-3pm so we decided to stick a quick ride in up the woods behind my house in the morning. 80 more words


_36 Lans-En-Vercors Et St-Nizier


Route map here

Today we decided to take the bus from Grenoble up to Lans-En-Vercors then ride a quick up and down trail from the town then ride a good long trail back down into Grenoble, hoping we would get a lot of dowhill for not too much uphill by using the bus, using the bus was a mistake. 722 more words