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How Your Tablet Can Help Find an Ebola Cure

Mark McCaskill’s daughter is only 11 years old and so far knows only the most basic things about viruses and how they work. But she’s conducting pioneering biological experiments to find a treatment for Ebola. 1,052 more words

America’s Worst Run Companies

What makes a company truly poorly run? Businesses make mistakes almost daily, and industries can transform rapidly, eroding even a market leader’s competitive advantage.

Companies that are struggling may have declining fundamentals, such as revenues and earnings. 2,342 more words


Data and Analytics: who needs them?

Every day my in-box contains a few more emails exhorting me to adopt ‘data and analytics’. But when I seek practical examples of what this might mean, how it would add to the quality of my work, there don’t appear to be many examples to justify the investment of time or money. 474 more words

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