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Jawapan Ahli Parlimen Pulai, Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed untuk Ibrahim Ali yang mengaku wira Melayu dan Islam.

Jazlan berkata beliau enggan memberikan sebarang pandangan mahupun komen berkenaan kenyataan yang dikeluarkan Ibrahim, cukup sekadar menerimanya. 144 more words


J-Star: "It’s a fight between moderates and extremists (Perkasa)"

Updated (5.33pm):

“I am not apologetic and if it is war that they want, we will go to war,” said Ibrahim Ali at the Perkasa convention in KL. 250 more words


Yahudi Yeohs free to use ‘Allah’ in Penang

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng handed the Christians an early Christmas present when he said they could use kalimah ‘Allah’ in Penang because the state enactment banning the use of the lafaz cannot be enforced on non-Muslims. 676 more words


J-Star wants extremist "monster" exterminated

The J-Star today continued pushing its Nest of Evangelista campaign against “radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy”.

Headlined ‘We’ve to nip it now – and at all costs… 247 more words

MCA Parti Dinosaur Pupus

Yahudi Yeohs, bible burning and the threat to Islam

The Muslim NGOs, including Isma, are earnest that Islam is under threat in Malaysia. The DAP evangelistas are equally adamant that it is not. 1,250 more words

MCA Parti Dinosaur Pupus

Perkasa's New Direction?

Perkasa seems to be getting more and more dissatisfied with UMNO’s performance in defending malay rights. A coalition of Malay rights groups (including Perkasa) plans to submit a… 525 more words

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