I Was Supposed To Share My Diet Coke With Ibrahim

Today, I dropped by one of my favorite pizza joints for lunch. Pizza is one of my most important food groups. It serves as the pinnacle of my personal food pyramid. 652 more words


Jibrin Ibrahim; Dying NLC and the Slumber of the Progressive Movement [Article]

I was in Ghana last Friday when a massive campaign against the worsening economic conditions in the country occurred. The day was known as Red Friday and several thousand activists marched through Accra that 24th July, the second anniversary of the death in office of President John Evans Atta Mills. 1,010 more words

Mohd Sofuan Ibrahim

Mohd Sofuan Ibrahim, 33, posted a Facebook photo before boarding flight MH370 – that was the last his family and friends had any contact with him. 174 more words

Christian Hero Meriam Ibrahim is Finally Free

I just received this email about our Christian Hero Meriam Ibrahim (Read all my blog entries on Meriam).

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Our Prayers have been answered.   76 more words

Photos: Sudanese Woman spared death sentence flown to Italy


Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman who was recently spared death sentence for apostasy was flown to Italy this morning July 24th in company of her two children, and accompanied by Italy’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Lapo Pistelli. 58 more words


Praise God - she is free!!!

Meriam Ibrahim is free!

Cut and paste from the Fellowship of the Lion:

Praise God! Our sister Meriam Ibrahim and her family have safely made it out of Sudan and are currently in Italy. 489 more words


The woman who faced a death sentence for being a Christian meets with the pope

Almost three months after she was sentenced to death in Sudan for being a Christian, Mariam Yehya Ibrahim arrived in Rome on Wednesday to visit the Vatican and meet Pope Francis. 122 more words

Rare People