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Kokon - IC5146

W sumie myślałem,że to trochę łatwiejszy obiekt. Nie ma szans wyciągnąć z tego materiału nic więcej. Coraz bardziej utwierdzam się w przekonaniu,że z miasta można focić wyłącznie w ostateczności. 27 more words


What the heck?

Warning: Medical content that will make some people squeamish. This is my Interstitial Cystitis Journey so it’s long as well.

Let me start off by saying this may not be for men.   872 more words


What Love Is

I have a cold. There’s not much in this world that is worse than a summer cold in Texas, except for having a summer cold in Texas on top of fibromyalgia. 640 more words



The OOW-RT04 Kusanagi is an Order of Whispers skyship, originally classed as a high-speed cloaked scout, and intelligence-gathering observation platform. First activated for service during the Tower of Nightmares incident, it has since been upgraded for personnel transportation and rapid response deployment during the Mordremoth campaign. 174 more words

Living Story

Lightbringer Report: Scion 15-16, 1327

The information is heavily encrypted in a unique runic system, and not distributed to the rest of the Pact. It is submitted directly to the Master of Whispers instead. 233 more words

Living Story

Whispers in the Dark

We are the Order of Whispers. We have stood in the shadows for over four hundred years, and we protect the world of Tyria from threats both monstrous and supernatural. 383 more words

Living Story


Hello humans!

Yep, I’m back once again. It’s the middle of summer and my favorite time of year on earth. After all, it’s so hot that it feels almost like home. 317 more words