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In a corrupt town the dirty cop is king – remembering Peter Godber

It’s 1973 at the start of another long, hot summer in Hong Kong and already it stinks. The jokes about Hong Kong and its Fragrant Harbour have long been stale but visitors still crack them. 1,743 more words

Hong Kong Deadline

Me? Corrupt? No, I just wanted the best for you!

Much ink has been spilled over the latest round of ICAC hearings and their dramatic, if unsurprising, results. And good ink it was. With every political scandal there is of course defenders of the subjects, no matter how obviously in the wrong they were. 422 more words


Property developer Jeff McCloy wants to take us back to the days when it was legal for developers to make donations to political parties.

McCloy case ‘credible’, could affect ICAC findings


July 31, 2014, 10 p.m.

CHALLENGE: Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy.

NSW laws banning property developers from making political donations are ‘‘vulnerable’’,  and a ‘‘very credible challenge’’ could be mounted in the High Court by Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy, with big implications for a corruption inquiry, a legal expert says. 491 more words


Upcoming MCLE Seminar: Responding to Investigations and Public Hearings of Commissions of Inquiry

Responding to investigations and public hearings of commissions of inquiry present significant challenges for legal practitioners unfamiliar with this specialist area. This upcoming College of Law CLE seminar will review the critical issues that arise including: 218 more words

Regulatory Issues

Bill Pickering Should Be Handed The Robes: Not Mayoral, but Papal

Rarely can a few paragraphs of text move someone to shed a tear or two, but a letter to the Northern District Times on July 9th, 2014 certainly did. 574 more words

All Is Not What It Seems: Persecuted Petch Deserves Some Common Law Sanity

If you haven’t yet heard, ICAC’s report into Ryde Council was released last Monday, capturing the imagination of ………. well, no one really!

It’s taken more than a week to bring myself to posting this after initially being floored by the brazen arrogance of a bunch of publicly-funded underachievers offering up their latest novel to their benefactors (the taxpaying public). 471 more words