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An Unforgettable Drop

Scandals don’t travel very well geographically. Some scandals take on a global dimension, and are instantly recognizable as such wherever you live – Monica Lewinsky’s dress definitely, a duck house built at taxpayers’ expense maybe, but I doubt if anyone elsewhere will really understand the significance of a New South Wales Premier thanking a lobbyist for giving him an expensive bottle of red wine. 1,044 more words

Australian History

Integrity and the Acid Test: How Would it Look as Front Page News?

We have been hearing a great deal recently about allegations of political corruption in Australia, culminating in the resignation of a State Premier. This has raised questions about… 1,160 more words

#Content In Context

Corrupt donations to political parties

Given that the ICAC enquiry is now winding up its public activities, it is worth reflecting on one of the most important but relatively unexamined findings. 214 more words

Federal Politics

A Political Failure

ALL POLITICAL careers end in failure, as the saying goes. Few come to a crashing halt in such spectacular fashion as the O’Farrell premiership. One moment there was Barry, master of all he surveyed, about to announce billions of dollars of airport with Tony Abbott. 376 more words


April 17th - Not a moment to lose

This photo was taken barely 24 hours after the NSW Premier resigned from the states top job very publicly. The location was my regular morning coffee haunt, which shares common space with a suit retailer in the CBD. 103 more words

1959 Was a Very Good Year

Indeed it may have been.  But it was enough to bring down the premiership of the NSW Premier, Mr Barry O’Farrell.

The NSW Liberal Party who came to office with Mr O’Farrell pledging honesty, transparency and openness in government was forced to resign his position after it was revealed that he had received a bottle of 1959 Penfolds Grange Hermitage valued at AU$3,000, from a key player in the ICAC inquiry into the Australian Water Holdings and Eddie Obeid. 504 more words