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Charity Swim for Juvenile Arthritis Sufferers

Charity Swim Event in Youghal to help youngsters

Did you know that Juvenile Arthritis is as prevalent as diabetes in Ireland? There are no services for this disease at the moment, and this means that children as young as one year of age have no specific treatment centre. 157 more words

Roots before branches, faith to take chances

Today, I am sharing the inspiring story of a 26 year old lady. For someone born without a silver spoon and had no precedence of excellence in her family, she aimed high, worked hard and diligently remained confident even in the face of daunting challenges. 1,778 more words


Empowering women, educating about birth: A Q&A with ICAN Spokane

For those of you who know me, you know I am passionate about birth. I’m a huge advocate for women being educated and making their own decisions regarding their care and being in charge of their babies’ births.  1,766 more words


Buy apps the easy way

Buy yourself an App Store gift so that you easily buy apps, music and books etc without having to authorise a card payment each time. You buy this from the App Store and make yourself the recipient as well as the purchaser. 93 more words


Love your iPad, but keep your computer!

Before you get an iPad, you might wonder why you need one. In the weeks 'after iPad' you'll wonder how you ever managed without! But don't bin the computer. 129 more words


The #ICAN Movement; Apollos Hester's Interview

In this video, Apollos Hester is extremely hyped because of a comeback victory. What he says will not only make you laugh, but it can motivate! 31 more words


Updates and a Question

First, the question: What is a conversational culture? I am developing concepts around how to create a conversational culture, but wanted to tap into your thoughts on what such an environment comprised and how it might be identified… 239 more words