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Is North Korea capable of delivering a missile to the US ?

Satellite imaging shows North Korea might be closing missile engine trials for an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), commented a US think tank on Wednesday. If this is true, this will bring the entire United States of America into range, raising threat levels.  49 more words


ABM Test Finally Succeeded, Maybe

Successful test of troublesome ABM used known-flawed kill vehicle. Meaningful or theater?

The U.S. successfully tested its anti-ICBM missile on 2014-Jun-22, with a launch from Vandenberg AFB in California.  514 more words


Diddle Dum Dum

We called it an air raid drill.  I have a distinct memory of walking down Works past the car lot, the Masonic Lodge with its concave roof,  the brick apartments, the Rexal Drug store, and the First National Bank, listening to the ominous sound of the air raid siren squealing away incessantly as I walked 10 steps, ran 10 steps on my way home.  1,474 more words

Ascertained, America Entirely within Chinese DF-41 ICBM’s Range

US sostrategy.com’s recent report on China’s new DF-41 (Dongfeng-41) ICBM has raised widespread concerns inside and outside the US.

The report says that China has all along refused to disclose the targets of its nuclear missiles, however, according to US intelligence, most of the solid-fuel DF-41 ICBMs in service in China are installed with some of China’s 240 nuclear warheads. 304 more words

Mod Blog 1 ICBM

ICBM it is a mod of grand explosions and turrets. This a mod for people who like to blow stuff up but you can make some good wars with it. 38 more words