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October 12, 1957 - General George Kenney on the Mike Wallace Interview Show

On October 12, 1957, Mike Wallace opened his Interview television broadcast with the following dramatic words:

“Tonight we had planned to interview one of the great fighters of our time, Sugar Ray Robinson.  641 more words


October 11, 1957 - Sputnik-Spotting With MIT's IBM 704

On October 11, 1957, the enormous IBM 704 computer at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computation Center produced the first “satisfactory orbit” calculations for the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory’s Sputnik 1-spotting mission.  256 more words


China Conducts Flight Test of New Mobile ICBM

DF-31B is Beijing’s sixth road-mobile nuclear strike system

China’s military has conducted the first flight test of a new variant of one of its road-mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles in a sign that Beijing is increasing its strategic strike capability against the United States. 825 more words

Retrotechtacular: The First Atlas Launch

As the Cold War conflict expanded in the 1950s, the Soviet Union dry-tested a hydrogen bomb and defense tactics became a top priority for the United States. 372 more words


Russia successfully tests nuclear missile, more planned - navy chief says

Russian intercontinental ballistic missile Topol-M rolls across Red Square during the Victory Day Parade, which commemorates the 1945 defeat of Nazi Germany in Moscow, Russia, Friday, May 9, 2014. 213 more words

Three Yars mobile ICBM regiments to be put on combat duty December — Defense Ministry

The RS-24 Yars intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) with a multiple warhead was designed by the Moscow-based Institute of Thermal Technology


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About 100 arms samples to be tested at Kapustin Yar range in 2015… 244 more words