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Experiment: Apple Sorbet

I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own sorbet, but lack of an ice cream maker always put me off. However a bit of google-ing revealed that an ice cream maker is not nearly so necessary for sorbet as it is for ice cream. 258 more words


Simple Watermelon Sorbet

Don’t tell my favorite produce stand but I have been buying watermelons from Walmart. At $2 a seedless watermelon I just could not buy them. My family has been eating them just about as fast as I can buy them too. 485 more words

Butter Rum Homemade Ice Cream

So I’ve been wanting to try making butter rum ice cream for a while now. Like a lot. For example, I was having flashbacks of my childhood where me and my brother would yank long slippery strings of butter taffy until our hands ached and eating so much sticky goodness that my teeth and cheeks hurt! 545 more words

Butter Rum Ice Cream

An Ice Cream Maker for Every Budget

We’re more than halfway through National Ice Cream Month, so hopefully you’ve been taking full advantage of trying out new flavors and recipes to celebrate! For those of you looking to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your DIY fix, you might even consider going the homemade route. 326 more words


I actually screamed for ice cream

I didn’t think that as a grown woman that I would ever scream for ice cream. I mean, let’s be serious here. Ice cream? Screaming only ensues at a Sam Bush concert or when there is a baby bunny sighting in our yard. 888 more words


Well, that didn't work...yet

That’s supposed to be lemon sorbet but it hasn’t come together / frozen yet.  I might have not let the sugar water cool long enough, before going onto the next step (ice cream maker). 24 more words


Let the Machines Cook

It’s summer and one daughter and granddaughter are visiting, so there’s that tug between not wanting to do any cooking and doing a little as a treat for guests. 625 more words

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