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Ice Cream Parlor : The best in San Marcos?

As I continue to embark on my varies mini-adventures around the city of San Marcos; while I am in  search for the best eating spots around the area. 548 more words



One of the hundred ways to cope up with school or work stress is actually just a morsel away. Well, definitely not a morsel if it’s terminal stress. 1,172 more words


Washing dishes

My first job washing dishes at an ice cream parlor in New Jersey was enlightening. The place was legit, the owner, SD would make all of the ice creams in-house, hand packed pints, waffle cones, the works. 226 more words

The HAMILTON LUNCHEONETTE / lunch with Ilona

Matthew, the owner of Cafe Minerva, has recently opened HAMILTON’S LUNCHEONETTE . ┬áNostalgia has returned to the neighborhood………and at prices that are hard to believe! 120 more words


Halal TGA: Titik Kritis Kehalalan Es Krim

Sudah barang tentu es krim adalah kudapan favorit semua orang di segala suasana, apalagi ketika musim panas telah tiba. Namun apakah semua orang mengetahui elemen-elemen yang membentuk es krim, apa saja yang terdapat di dalamnya, serta titik kritis kehalalannya? 478 more words


"Two Scoops, Please"

“Two scoops or one?” the young man behind the counter asked

“Two,” she replied, with a pleasant smile

I made sure I paid close attention… 246 more words