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Ice- Cream Van --- Ting Ti-ng Ti-ng !!!

This is a short poem I have written when I saw an ice-cream van in my locality :) :)  At first, when I heard the melodious sound, I asked my husband about it…and he said that it is from ice-cream van. 91 more words


8 signs the sun has just come out in England

1. Socks and Sandals.

Never ones to be pleased with things being simple, the Brits have to take something as straightforward as putting a sandal on because its hot, and then defeat the object by putting a sock on underneath it. 528 more words

Ice Cream at Robin Hood's Bay

Painted in oils, a familiar sight at Robin Hood’s Bay, North Yorkshire. The name on the van is taken from Roddy Doyle’s excellent novel, ‘The Van’!

Oil Painting

100 Happy Days - Day 66

There always seems to be an ice cream van round our estate that plays the Match of the Day theme tune. It’s really odd in that it even comes during the coldest days in Winter (which leads me to think it’s not just ice cream it’s selling…) Anyway, I passed an ice cream van on a wander today and it just reminded me of summer :D

100 Happy Days

Kids Overly Excited For The Ice Cream Truck: Surfer Stephen's Viral Video Of The Day

I’m sure I can’t be the only one out there who has a case of the Mondays.

For today’s Viral Video of the Day, we’ll take a look at two brothers who are having a tough day as well. 122 more words


Not so sweet; Mr Whippy

I just had to post this photo of Mr Whippy.

I heard the familiar jingle as I was walking through the park on a warm spring evening. 845 more words


uber: the perks of car service

Without a car, getting around a metropolis can be  a hassle. From trains and trolleys to subways and buses, public transportation is on the rise in some states due to high demand - but that doesn’t always solve our problem of getting to a scheduled dinner party on time. 353 more words