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IcePacker.com - Faye Is Packing a Lunch Bag For Her Little Girl

http://icepacker.com – Faye is packing a Lunch Bag for her little girl with the New Compact Ice Pack. The small Ice Pack is convenient to fit into a small bag and very light so it isn’t heavy for the girl to carry around. 62 more words

Moonwalk with Class

Today, after soooo many years of not, I threw my back out.  A simple carry of the baby upstairs, laying him into bed for quiet time and sound slumber, I scream out in pain, “Ow! 380 more words


The need for speed - well lets get a bit quicker around the block

Not sure I’m ever going to be a proper speed merchant but as we train harder and longer FAST or even faster than last year would be ACE… 72 more words


Watching a file render

So over the past few days I have been working to get rhino and vray installed on my computer. I now have that sorted out and I am watching a rendering happen. 82 more words

Paving His Own Path

While praying for my baby, I’ve been asking that God would make him strong and determined.  I’ve prayed that he’ll be ambitious and not follow after the popular thing.   604 more words

Down In Flames

Dear Mum,

Joshua and I arrived at Kindy relatively early this morning and got to meet two new classmates for him, identical twin girls who are late starting, due to a possible work move that didn’t happen. 358 more words


Having a bad day

Feeling quite low today. It helps that I know the reason, its pain pure and simple. Every time I have an ‘episode’ I vow to cherish the days when I take a step and feel no pain, of course that’s not what happens is it? 36 more words

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