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Greenland remained stable for 2.7 million years "even during the warmest periods"

2.7-Million-Year-Old Forested Landscape Discovered under Greenland Ice Sheet

“We found organic soil that has been frozen to the bottom of the ice sheet for 2.7 million years,” said Dr Paul Bierman, a geologist with the University of Vermont and the  124 more words


Laurentide Ice Sheet Shenanigans

Ice is fascinating. And although we like to think we know a lot about it because it is a common addition to our drinks, it is much more complicated than we like to believe. 900 more words


Cosmic Journeys : Earth in 1000 Years

This edition of COSMIC JOURNEYS explores the still unfolding story of Earth’s past and the light it sheds on the science of climate change today. While that story can tell us about the mechanisms that can shape our climate. 780 more words