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Clock is Ticking in West Antarctic

(First posted May 23, 2014 on State of the Planet.)

Reports that a portion of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has begun to irretrievably collapse, threatening a 4-foot rise in sea levels over the next couple of centuries, surged through the news media last week. 1,398 more words


Solar Flair

The aurora is going off tonight, and will probably look something like this photo I took earlier this year in Iceland..

Want to photograph Iceland? 36 more words

Peopling the New World Arctic

A new paper reports on a comprehensive DNA study of current and former inhabitants of Greenland, Arctic Canada, Alaska, the Aleutian Islands and Siberia.

M Raghavan et al… 865 more words


New research has quantified recent volume changes of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.

Writing in The Cryosphere http://www.the-cryosphere.net/8/1539/2014/tc-8-1539-2014.pdf, a team of scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Germany, have created new digital elevation models of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets derived from the European Space Agency’s CryosSat-2 satellite. 200 more words