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Review: Stay and the Snow Dragon

Stay and the Snow Dragon: An Antarctic Adventure
Written by Ben Maddison and Andrew Peacock
Illustrated by Andrew Peacock
Blurb Books
June 2014
60 pages… 276 more words

Book Review

Mindfulness-Does it matter?

Repeating an action every day for extended period can have an impact on your body for good or bad.

In my friend’s experience, she repeatedly loaded her tote bag that she carries to work with laptop and other tools she needed and carried it on the same shoulder every day. 240 more words


Cost of Caring for Illegal Immigrant Children

One of the ealry known costs in caring for illegal immigrant children placed in adoptive homes is $192 Million. The Washington Times is reporting the placement agency who won the contract bid is in charge of 66,000 illegal children. 209 more words


Javascript not working with HTML external link

I’m using Notepad++, and I know for sure that it works when linking different files to the main HTML file.Here is the HTML code I’m using: 127 more words


Amazing discovery - Ice cream bread!

So yesterday I was wathcing a random science show where they asked the viewers that, “what can you do with melted ice-cream, some self raising flour and a microwave? 132 more words


Here comes the snow and ice!

Here comes the snow and ice, so what are you going to use to melt it on your sidewalks and walkways.

This year 2014-2015 we are hearing about shortages and drastic price increases for the chlorides. 110 more words

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