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you . . . are. . .

Stirring a cauldron of words…
And he said : ‘Fire and ice. You are both’

Slice Of Life

No Soup for You!

In case you were worried that the IRS is spending too much time tracking down tea party groups and internal emails related to them, rest assured that the Treasury spooks have a new target: free lunches. 406 more words

experiment 2 part 2

So after a long night in the freezer I brought him inside

Using an ice pick I got it down to a small chunk

Then I ran him under Warm water… 13 more words

My goal today is to stay sober.

You know its funny, the more I say I am going to blog more the less I do. I guess a part of that is everyday I add to my sobriety is a day that opportunities present themselves in my life. 258 more words