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Immigration activists urge Obama to act boldly

Obama can’t do squat.  A president can’t make laws of his liking, only congress can do that.  But these criminals crossing our borders that remain, refuse to accept that fact. 383 more words


forbidden ice cream

nobody she ever brought home was right

and nobody was worthy to love her

and in her daddy’s eyes it had to pure

as snow and as pure as gold… 57 more words


Red River

No big changes in the Red River ice situation today because the temperature has remained below freezing.  What looks like open water is actually frozen.  There were some movements though as the ice does shift and crack a bit even in the cold. 72 more words


The Knights in Shining Spandex by Emily Bentz

Hey guys, guess what! My friend, Emily Bentz, just published her very first book! And, she had my boyfriend, Tim Marron, do the cover art. 359 more words


The Great Lakes, frozen

The NASA image above, from the Aqua satellite, shows the heavily frozen Great Lakes on February 19. In the image, water appears blue-black and ice pale blue. 18 more words


International Studies

I hope I make it home because of the snow/ice.