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Frozen Iceberg Salad with Champagne Vinegar

I read reviews of this salad online, and most everyone said that freezing the lettuce for more than a few minutes is a mistake. I left mine in there for about 15 minutes, and it was fine. 200 more words


Broken Thumb

Within 5 minutes or so of passing by this big iceberg in our kayaks the obvious happened adding a bit more excitement to an already exciting day. 11 more words

Sejarah Kaca Film

Setuju tidak setuju, kini sebuah kaca film jadi satu faktor penting untuk setiap pengendara roda empat. Tidak hanya bisa menjadi pelindung dari sinar UV yang bisa merusak kulit, faktor keamanan saat berkendara juga menjadi poin utama. 353 more words


First man to see the Titanic iceberg

“Iceberg, right ahead!” When Titanic lookout Frederick Fleet phoned the bridge and shouted those infamous words, the ship had less than a minute before impact. 402 more words

How to Build Rapport

The word rapport comes from the same root word as rapporter in French – to bring back. When I run workshops on rapport to mixed nationality groups I usually point out that the English must be so bad at it that we have to use a French word! 435 more words

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