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I finally made it out to this vantage point. It’s not easy…though you can SEE where you want to go, it’s not easy…and fear of being crushed in the rocks by the tide is always present. 176 more words


Þings to see

The four of us were getting along – for now. We had a car, and all of Iceland lay ahead. We were excited to see… 769 more words


in front of an ancient brothel

it’s all fun and games till a volcano explodes and destroys your entire town

Book Report: Names for the Sea

People read travel stories about places they have never been in order to vicariously experience a trip they could never take themselves, or else as a form of research for trips to places they might someday go. 811 more words


Hlemmur Square has a bar...

…with a happy hour worthy of attention and features crafted beers from Borg Brugghús, or city brewery :

― Bríó, meaning joy, and made from hops in Bavaria… 58 more words