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Amazing cover by new Nordic duo

Artists: Farao and Jófríður Ákadóttir | Song: Out Of Yourself

As fans of Samaris and Pascal Pinon we were happy to hear that  Jófríður Ákadóttir – who brings wonderful vocals to both bands – had joined up with Norwegian Farao to make music (Well, to tell you the truth we never heard of Farao before, but she’s great in this video…

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Icytopics presents: The Icelandic Festival Guide

Planning to travel to Iceland? Then don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of Iceland’s fine music festivals. (Well, the first one you probably missed, because it just finished.)

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Icelandic Music

Day 95: Hymns And Train Stations

Do you want to hear an Icelandic band spontaneously sing an Icelandic hymn in a German train station? Well, of course you do! Here’s Árstíðir singing Heyr Himna Smiður.

Day 94: Icelandic Reggae, Funk And Soul

Yes, Icelandic reggae is a thing, so is Icelandic funk, so is just about every other music genre you can think of in this musically diverse country. 113 more words

Day 93: Laptop Parties

It’s what we’ve been dreading all semester long, the study period. My housemates and I have been exhausting every morsel of our intelligence, staring at laptop screens, making never-ending cups of tea, and procrastinating via youtube. 97 more words

Day 92: Moody Monday

A playlist to ease you into the week. More Icelandic artists for you to enjoy.

1 – Bloodgroup – Fall
2 – Vök – Before… 44 more words

Quote of the Day

“I’m very honored to be compared to Björk, Vashti Bunyan and the like. Who wouldn’t be? I see more of a comment on how my work moves people than on my work per se.

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Icelandic Music