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Zangetsu, I won’t ask you to ‘lend me your power’ any more. And I won’t tell you ‘don’t get in my way’. I won’t even say ‘let us fight together’.

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起死回生 (kishi kaisei)

— Wake from death and return to life

Satori — sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism.

I suppose it is only to be expected. You have my pity. There is no such thing as ‘truth’ or ‘lies’ in this world; there never has been.

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Bleach 601 & Naruto 696 Manga reviews

What’s up everyone? Ready for another Manga review? Let’s see what’s happening in the wonderful worlds of Bleach and Naruto. Let’s jump right in.

I really enjoyed this week’s installment because it got right to the point. 687 more words