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Strawberries Part 2: Fukuoka #4 - Amaou Strawberries (あまおう)

Last week I talked about Tochigi’s strawberries. Now let’s look at Fukuoka! Fukuoka’s famous strawberry is the Amaou, supposedly standing for “amai” (sweet), “marui” (round), “ookii” (large), and “umai” (tasty/delicious). 285 more words


Ichigo, Rukia, & Toshiro Fanfic

So this fanfic was a fun one for me to read and it’s also a Bleach fanfic. In this fanfic Ichigo, Rukia, and Toshiro are together and of course chaos erupts. 68 more words


Washoku Wednesday: Ichigo (Strawberries) and Christmas Cake

A well-timed post from Courtney on the Christmas cakes that are everywhere right now!

Ok, I realize that strawberries aren’t exactly special, or even native, to Japanese cuisine. 835 more words

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Current Bleach Thoughts

Last week I finally caught up on Bleach so that I can now read along with each new Shonen Jump and don’t have to wait like a year to know what happened each week nor dodge spoilers. 1,049 more words


Strawberries Part 1: Tochigi #1 - Strawberries (いちご)

It’s gotten cold here recently, and snow has started falling in many places across Japan, including, to my utter surprise, in my area as well. (It’s too early! 288 more words


Ichigo & Rukia Fanfic

So I’m in a Bleach fanfic kind of mood and this was one of my favorites! So here is the info!

Title: 10 Days With Rukia… 69 more words


Sneak Preview ~ Celestial Lightning: Imposing The Heavenly Realm

Hello All My Honeys,

Sorry for the long silence but I’ve been very ill lately and haven’t been able to write much of anything. I’m not even halfway through with Celestial Lightning’s second part and almost two weeks have passed. 2,424 more words

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