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Fancy a burger?

I found this idea in a baking magazine and to be honest, I loved it! Although I wasn’t going to use sesame seeds on the cake itself, I just used icing sugar instead. 16 more words


The first big one

So here it is, the very first big cake I made. It was for my cousins 4th birthday and I didn’t really plan what the end result was going to be. 39 more words


First Cookie Sale!

As as it turns out, my first official sale was a batch of cookies! A teacher at my nieces pre-school tried some of my peep bunny cookies and ordered 20 of them. 381 more words


I’ve used my fair share of ice in the last few weeks since I’ve had tendinitis and I’ve noticed that most people use bags of ice rather than ice cups. 431 more words

Ice cream birthday cake

Ice cream birthday cake: Food by Mary McCartney

For 8 – 12

  • 3 Madeira loaf cakes – bought is fine.
  • 2 – 3 500ml tubs ice cream – whatever flavours you like, and as many as you like.
  • 307 more words


As we all know, earth day is today so I decided to post this picture of an earth day cake because I’m not sure of you know or it but baking is a form if crafting too

Cake Practice

Okay! So back to things. I have a tendency to panic, and when I panic, I don’t get much done. I have a system of procrastination that eventually leads to results. 578 more words