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I’ve used my fair share of ice in the last few weeks since I’ve had tendinitis and I’ve noticed that most people use bags of ice rather than ice cups. 431 more words

Ice cream birthday cake

Ice cream birthday cake: Food by Mary McCartney

For 8 – 12

  • 3 Madeira loaf cakes – bought is fine.
  • 2 – 3 500ml tubs ice cream – whatever flavours you like, and as many as you like.
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As we all know, earth day is today so I decided to post this picture of an earth day cake because I’m not sure of you know or it but baking is a form if crafting too

Cake Practice

Okay! So back to things. I have a tendency to panic, and when I panic, I don’t get much done. I have a system of procrastination that eventually leads to results. 578 more words

Lemon Cupcakes with Fluffy Icing

Makes 24 cupcakes

This year for Easter I decided to make these beauties. They’re perfect for any Spring or Summer gathering. After going back and forth deciding which type of cupcake to make, (confetti cupcakes or carrot cupcakes) I decided to do something entirely different at the last-minute, lemon cupcakes! 669 more words


Maple & Pecan Bundt Cake

This cake smells (& tastes) amazing. It smells like Brandy Snaps!! It has a lovely texture – soft sponge vs. the slight crunch of the pecans. 294 more words


Chocolate Cake - it's ok, it's Easter!

This was a super easy recipe that used oil instead of butter (making a deliciously moist sponge).  The recipe I had listed corn oil as an ingredient, but I subbed this for sunflower oil – just as good. 76 more words