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Call me bat shit crazy, but...

I hate spam email, so I have tried a few things to try and combat it.

The first thing I tried was setting up an alias within my primary iCloud email account, but I have grown to like my alias so much that I don’t really want to use it for spam (spam includes those mandatory accounts that you have to create even if you are using the service just once! 109 more words


Tips para recuperar aplicaciones de otro iPhone o iPad

Cuando nos encontramos con el cambio de celular y queremos seguir utilizando las mismas apps que teníamos podrás seguir estos tips para recuperar aplicaciones de otro… 189 more words


Aplicaciones de correo de Acompli compradas por Microsoft

El vicepresidente corporativo de Outlook y Office 365 anuncia que las aplicaciones de correo de Acompli compradas por Microsoft, junto a al equipo del startup que tiene un año y medio de creado, la finalidad fue mejorar las funcionalidades del correo móvil tanto en… 182 more words


Reset your Apple ID passwords and Recovery Keys [NOTICE]

Elcomsoft has released an update for its Phone Breaker software that enables organized crime, government, law enforcement and groups with malicious intent to gain access to your iCloud data. 312 more words


A popular phone-breaking tool has been updated to bypass iCloud's heightened security measures

A tool used by law enforcement to gain access to Apple’s iCloud service has been updated to bypass the two-factor authentication feature, which requires a randomly-generated code in addition to a user’s normal password. 360 more words


The software that helped hack the iCloud nudes got a scary update

The software tool that was used to exfiltrate many of the photos that comprised the infamous iCloud celebrity nude dump of 2014 has received a big update. 487 more words

iCloud Vulnerabilities

There are articles circulating online about a vulnerability that could potentially be exploited by users of the Apple iCloud service, even if two step authentication is enabled by circumventing the security with a fake digital key in essence that can only be blocked should you change your password. 257 more words