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Louis Vuitton x Christian Louboutin - love it or hate it?

I have to admit, Louboutin’s are my guilty pleasure. My love affair began when I purchased the black privé’s and no shoe has ever come close to it’s beauty in my eyes. 127 more words


Intimate Worlds and January Workshops

Intimate Worlds, featuring the work of Fleur MacDonald, Stephanie Monteith, Anie Nheu, Catherine Rogers and Kaye Shumack continues until December 20. It’s a beautiful and reflective exhibition to end the year on. 194 more words


Giants of Hip-Hop: Dante Ross

So I’ve been listening to a ton of historic hip hop podcasts and i came upon this crazy super amped but impotent A&R called Dante Ross.


Celebrating Monogram

세기를 대표하는 아티스트 6명이 디자인한 루이비통의 아이코닉 모노그램의 콜라보레이션이 드디어 공개되었다. 이번 모노그램 런칭 160 주년 기념 콜라보레이션의 주인공은 패션 디자이너 칼 라거펠트, 레이 카와쿠보, 슈즈 디자이너 크리스티앙 루부탱, 아티스트 신디 셔먼, 건축가 프랭크 게리, 그리고 애플에 새롭게 영입된 산업 디자이너 마크 뉴슨이다.

Fashion Snap News

Frank Gehry's Twisted Box

From the time this beauty debuted on my timeline as she was posted on Louis Vuitton’s instagram page eight weeks ago, I was hooked. This work of art has been on my wishlist eversince! 98 more words


Peep this: When was the last time you saw a rapper dancing

I am generally cynical of self-proclaimed messianic figures who are proclaimed before there time. Sadly in rap messianic statements don’t just abound but every couple of years, the art form is blessed with a superstar who just may have superstar messianic credential’s. 88 more words


Peep this: The story of me and a 4-pack of Brother Thelonius Monk Belgian Style Ale

Its a Friday and I am in the midst of a midwestern rainy day. I just endured a 2hr workout, paid my rent and I just got home after spending too much on a Halloween costume. 568 more words