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Like everyone else I grew up on the more famous version by Miss Peggy Lee, but there is something about the original version that makes it sound so much more interesting. 45 more words


What is it about this pubescent teens that makes me so fascinated by their sound and their equally incredible rhyme schemes.

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Dedication to Daddy Trane: Died July 17th 1967

I know there was me before and after Coltrane. I never heard him when I was younger never even knew who he was. In my college years I was mad obsessed with a couple rock bands and read music journalism voraciously. 1,120 more words

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33 Monday's Muse - Jodorowsky's Dance of Reality and Speaking Only When You Have Something to Say

Alejandro Jodorosky is a legendary filmmaker and a cinematic wild man to many. Not necessarily because of the films he’s made (El Topo and… 714 more words

Fringe Mentalities

Al-Andalus and the seduction of tango

So I first heard this joint on Kill Bill and I was officially in love. I was swept by the rich history that is the confluence of Jewish, Spanish and arabic culture that was and is… 28 more words

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How Jay-z introduced me to Johnny Guitar Watson

Hip-Hop as a a form of reverse archaeology is a huge part of how I got into everything from Jazz to blues. ┬áIn my younger years, I came upon a bootlegged DJ clue tape which had a song by Jay-Z called “People Talk”. 255 more words

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