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A Wire-Frame Zonohedron Based On the Faces, Edges, and Vertices of an Icosahedron

This is the shape of the largest zonohedron one can make with red, yellow and blue Zome (see http://www.zometool.com for more on that product for 3-d real-world polyhedron modeling). 19 more words


An Icosahedron Variant Featuring Kite-Stars

This variant of the icosahedron has five kites meeting at each of its twelve vertices, forming what I call the twelve “kite-stars” of this polyhedron. Also, two kites meet at the midpoint of each of the icosahedron’s thirty edges. 41 more words


A Slice of Geometry

At the end of last year we started Elki’s grade 5 geometry block. We picked it up again a few weeks ago to start off his year of lessons, and have recently finished, Elki ready to move on to the next main lesson block. 425 more words


A Polyhedral Snowman

We’re out of school today because of an ice storm, and I wanted to make a snowman. However, we got very little snow — mostly freezing rain and sleet fell — so I can’t make a traditional snowman. 58 more words