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Three Polyhedral Clusters of Icosahedra

In the last post on this blog, there were three images, and the first of these was a rotating icosahedron, rendered in three face-colors. After making it, I decided to see what I could build, using these tri-colored icosahedra as building blocks. 110 more words


On Icosahedra, and Pyritohedral Symmetry

In this icosahedron, the four blue faces are positioned in such a way as to demonstrate tetrahedral symmetry. The same is true of the four red faces. 160 more words


IcosaLEDron: A 20-Sided Light Up Ball

Tired of balls that are just balls, and not glowing geometric constructions of electronics and wonderment? Get yourself an IcosaLEDron, the latest in Platonic solids loaded up with RGB LEDs. 171 more words

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An Alteration of the Icosahedron/Dodecahedron Compound

The dual of the icosahedron is the dodecahedron, and a compound can be made of those two solids. If one then takes the convex hull of this solid, the result is a rhombic triacontahedron. 98 more words


A Polyhedral Demonstration of the Fact That Twenty Times Four Is Eighty

The Platonic solid known as the icosahedron has twenty triangular faces. This polyhedron resembles the icosahedron, but with each of the icosahedron’s triangles replaced by a panel of four faces: ┬áthree isosceles trapezoids surrounding a central triangle. 87 more words


Icosidodecahedra, Icosahedra, and Dodecahedra

If one starts with a single icosidodecahedron, and then augments its pentagonal faces with dodecahedra, and its trianguar faces with icosahedra, this is the result. 63 more words



For the last few years I’ve had the following shapes appear in my meditations or dreams. Recently I got a clue as to why. A friend had accidentally ordered two copies of a book and was selling it off. 266 more words