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The Final Stellation of the Icosahedron

This is what you get if you stellate an icosahedron seventeen times. The eighteenth stellation “loops” back around to the original figure, the icosahedron. For this reason, the figure above is often called “the final stellation of the icosahedron,” as well as “the complete icosahedron.” Its faces are twenty irregular star enneagons, of the type shown below. 48 more words


Geometry experiment

I tried an addon for blender called Mextrude and I quickly figured that I can make some cool geometry. I played like a half hour with it and came with these results. 37 more words


A Rhombic Dodecahedral Lattice, Made of Icosahedra

I used Stella 4d: Polyhedron Navigator to make this. You can find this program at http://www.software3d.com/Stella.php.


An Equal-Edged Compound of the Great and Small Stellated Dodecahedra

For years, I have used Zometools (sold here:  http://www.zometool.com) to teach geometry. The constructions for the icosahedron and dodecahedron are easy to teach and learn, due to the use of short reds (R1s) and medium yellows (Y2s) for radii for the two of them, as shown below, with short blue (B1) struts as edges for both polyhedra. 250 more words


Welcome to Art Class

So the other day I was surfing my way through Amazon, when I stumbled upon an amazing deal: 1000 popsicle sticks for $4! Now I had been jonesing for an excuse to glue some stuff together, so I snagged that deal quick. 427 more words


An Unusual Presentation of the Icosahedron/Dodecahedron Base/Dual Compound

In this model, the usual presentation of the icosahedron/dodecahedron dual compound has been altered somewhat. The “arms” of star pentagons have been removed from the dodecahedron’s faces, and the icosahedron is rendered “Leonardo-style,” with smaller triangles removed from each of the faces of the icosahedron, with both these alterations made to enable you to see the model’s interior structure. 46 more words