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Spending up to 12 weeks living with strangers in an unfamiliar, impoverished and potentially dangerous country probably doesn’t sound like the majority of the “21st century teen”‘s idea of fun; but for me the unique opportunities the ICS programme offered were too exciting to simply ignore. 767 more words


Progress on solar MPPT board

Perhaps overly complicated, but the challenge of routing a bunch of pins so close together was pretty fun. I will post a final schematic later, but here is what I have so far. 49 more words


Don't be blinded by the moment!

Echoing sounds and imbalance rhythms from a religious gathering met our ear drums as we tried to focus on the ending sessions of the mid phase review(MPR)- what was on my mind differed so much from what everyone was discussing, I was lost in thought. 355 more words

My volunteering placement: ICS Entrepeneur!

As indicated at the launch of this blog, I am volunteering with VSO for the International Citizen Service (ICS), the DFID funded scheme aiming to match UK volunteers and their passion with volunteers overseas to contribute to various poverty reduction schemes. 198 more words

New software: Cadsoft EAGLE PCB

In order to bring my prototypes to the next stage, some professional software is needed. Enter Cadsoft’s EAGLE PCB. A fully-featured schematic and printed circuit board layout and design program, it comes bundled with an extensive library of devices and components from all the major manufacturers. 184 more words


Aspiring Tamil Nadu

Doing your first school workshop is a scary business, as back in the UK taking workshops into schools is tricky, surrounded by red tape, and the children are sometimes difficult to engage. 371 more words

Ice-Cream Sale

I have to admit, it’s a slightly disappointing final result, but every penny helps, right?

I guess its time to go back to the drawing board and find some more ideas …