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At the dirty board house in Shenzhen

Through the marvels of globalization and modern technology, my solar charger design, dubbed the Solar Stage, has been sent off to a board house in China for low cost production. 331 more words


Story of a Busker

So, fundraising effort #1 was only mildly successful.

I have been busking in the past; and seemingly, the generosity of Durham & Newcastle punters have raised my expectations of what is realistic to raise in the short period of time that my voice will hold out. 196 more words

Settling in.

I apologise for my sudden lack of blog posts I don’t seem to have the time nor the internet to write anymore. I’m currently sat in my host family’s home stay, listening to the rain, watching my delicious dinner being cooked and trying to understand what on earth my host mother and my counterpart are talking about. 434 more words


Eeeek I'm going to India!!

So… Here begins the mighty blog again!! This time however, I am beginning it for a slightly different reason that stems further away from my usual “I’m bored so I’ll start a blog.” I have started this blog because….. 675 more words

"It's not a choice" An article by a religious homosexual.

I am a volunteer living in Nigeria. I won’t tell you if I am a male or female. Whether I belong to the Nigerian group of volunteers or the UK group of volunteers. 844 more words

Day one: on the many merits of porridge oats

Day one complete! I say that, I’ve got a few hours to go, but I’m fairly certain I won’t be eating any more so I think its time for a round-up of the day. 625 more words