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4dp5dt - 'Black and Blue'

Or 4 days past 5 day transfer (for those who don’t know the lingo). These Clexane injections are driving me crazy, the burn like crazy and bruise in a black/blue fashion, or a blood blister – both equally as attractive as the other. 306 more words


12/18/14~~34 weeks

Finally a week with no doctor appointments. It felt strange not baring the belly and getting slopped up with cold jelly. Yesterday was my last weekly perinatal phone consult since I reached 34 weeks. 242 more words

FET - Part 2: The Cool Down

Like the Dead Sea.   You told me I was like the Dead Sea.   You’ll never sink when you are with me.   Oh, Lord, like the Dead Sea.  

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We are officially Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!

Yesterday we went into the Dr’s office at 12:30 for transfer. They have you come in a half hour prior to your appointment to take a valium. 591 more words

The Journey's Of Our Family

A whole new shade of green

I often wish I could go back to the amateur TTC category, where I only had a couple IUIs quite literally under my belt.

I miss that… 520 more words

1st Trimester - Sick as a chip

I’ve had dinner and I’m still running through the contents of the fridge and kitchen cupboards in my head. Not because I’m hungry (for once) but because the only thing that seems to stop the nausea is constant eating. 415 more words


Time To Move On...What Next?

Waiting for my HCG confirmation of negative, did another HPT over weekend which was negative. I really want to be able to stop all the drugs, get my period and move on with the new cycle! 490 more words