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Saturday night shots

And not the good kind.

Tonight is day six of having 150 units of gonal f and my second day of 250 cetrotide. Let me start by saying F you cetrotide. 142 more words

Air bubbles from hell

I never envisaged ivf stimming would be like this! The needles are a breeze but the preparation of cetrotide and the grappling with air bubbles at 6am is a right pain. 272 more words


first day of Orgalutran

This morning, I started my first injection of Orgalutran on top of the Gonal-F injections. Gonal-F injections come in pens that have very fine needles – a good starter for self-injections I would say. 227 more words

8/28/14~~18 weeks

Feeling blessed doesn’t describe how good I feel. Life gives us struggles and then gives us joy and relief.

First of all I had a check-up appt. 171 more words

My Lucky Number is Ten!

I got a the call from Mary Kathryn around 1:15 today and she assured me that everything I am experiencing is normal. She said the pain in the upper and lower stomach is normal, shortness of breath, stomach gurgling, constipation and spotting are also all normal. 457 more words


My IVF Journey & A Case Of The Butterflies

I’ve read so many posts about how emotionally difficult the IVF process is and the strain it puts on relationships. A therapist told us that many couples seek therapy while going through the process and that many of them choose to never do it again, moving on to adoption instead, all due to the high level of stress. 1,029 more words


From FET to PUPO :) I'm Ready!

As I mentioned on my previous post, our FET is this Friday and then I’ll have to stay in bed rest until Monday. What the hell am I going to do in bed this whole time?  397 more words