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My mantra of positivity for this cycle

It was back on cycle day 1 of this current cycle, of my lucky attempt #13, that I received this fortune after lunch with an old friend. 127 more words

3 days down...

So we are 3 days past a 5 day transfer (3dp5dt) or 8 days post ovulation in non IVF terms!

Im feeling really good, although have to admit, had a massive wobble on Wednesday night when we got home!! 623 more words

Cd 11 - Stim day 8 (IVF #2) *updated*

Today was another scan. I was crossing my fingers that my follicles would look good, but not so good that my RE would ask me to trigger on Sunday night. 485 more words

I'm tired, hot and irritated.

I should have known that would mean one thing…
It’s cycle day one. I’m ready for this FET and hopefully this time we won’t have to cancel it. 20 more words

So emotional...

I hate pumping my body full of hormones.  I feel like a cow getting fattened up before they slaughter it!

Tonight I am feeling really emotional.   115 more words


11/20/14~~30 weeks

Nesting has commenced. Even with the lack of sleep, soreness, and getting winded it doesn’t stop me for long. I just take a break and get back to it later. 234 more words

Stay Positive!

I always hoped that I’d be able to write this post, however I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. To cut to the chase, I appear to be up the mother-flippin duff! 568 more words