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Pregnancy "Lingo" Dictionary

Happy Monday everyone!!

When I started reading some of the forums I had no idea what some of the abbreviations were.

At one point I was like WTF is she saying? 603 more words


The long & the short of it...

Our fertility/infertility history to date is summarised as follows and no doubt through the course of this blog I will be adding to this list and will go into much more detail about some of my/our experiences… 559 more words

IVF-ICSI - The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth. No truth-handler you! Bah! I deride your truth handling abilities!

Side Show Bob

After the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, my mum asked me what was actually involved in this IVF process.

546 more words

Way too early!

I am speechless. Everything was in chaos. it started yesterday when I went to my scheduled RE consult with labs and scan before they do the FET next week. 319 more words


post egg transfer day 13, 4 days more to hCG test at the hospital

I wake without fail at 5am to pee, I hardly ever used to wake to pee. I have now started to eat breakfast, never used to. 254 more words

It's been a while but guess what?!?

First I have to apologize for the amount of time I have been away from my blog. The last few months have been a little intense and I needed to just focus all of my attention and effort on my life and getting things in order, and unfortunately that was at the expense of my blog. 380 more words


post transfer day 8-12 - MAYBE

Day 8
as I was talking to my staff about how I was feeling (“I feel great!” I said) there was a sharp pull in my tummy and simultaneously my chest hurt. 929 more words