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Microsoft Excel 2010 For Beginners

FULL 90-minute Microsoft Excel 2010 For Beginners tutorial. It covers everything you need to get started on Excel 2010.

These tutorials are kindly devised and shared by 599CD Computer Training. Many thanks.

Microsoft Excel 2007

Getting Started...

Hi all!

This is a new adventure for me.  This blog is being started with some good intentions…

Firstly, I would like to get into the habit of reflecting on my practise as a teacher.   203 more words


Multi-Mania 2014, 19-20/05


Get inspired, share knowledge
and connect with the creative community!

It is time for the 14th edition of Multi-Mania. EXCITED! 51 more words


Successful Teaching Graduate or Successful Teacher?

It constantly amazes me how students studying education seem to sit on one of two sides – they are either brilliant students, with great ideas on how to work in a classroom, but have little “real” experience (I’m not belittling, I mean the experience that leaves you questioning the role of a teacher, the success, the difference you can make); or they’ve worked in the education industry for a long time, know the stresses and strains, disappointments that come with it, and are left disillusioned with study and it’s relevance. 518 more words


Reading Reflection # 9

Learning physics through play in an augmented reality environment

The Learning Physics through Play (LPP) project is a wonderful way to introduce and engage students in learning physics. 362 more words


Implementing Computer and Internet Technology in Education


Technology has become an integral part of our society right now; it can’t be separated from our social life. In education world number of tools that employed to help teaching and learning process through computer and internet technology, there are at least three things that you can do by employed computer and internet technology, they are: 280 more words


Fun Outside As We Move Classrooms!

Today we moved classrooms so we can use the outdoor area for learning. Class 5 will join us. We enjoyed doing activities together to end the term.