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Learning Technologies Bulletin 10: Formative Assessment

This bulletin focuses on the possible use of ICT tools to conduct formative assessments in classrooms. Formative assessments can enable learners to interact with assessment in multiple ways – through writing, drawing, speaking, listening, phyically moving, designing and carry out explorations. 490 more words

Good Practices & Innovative Ideas

Big Data

Teknologi Big Data adalah manajemen aset informasi dengan volume tinggi, kecepatan tinggi dan kompleks yang membantu perusahaan mengelola data dengan biaya efektif dan mendorong inovasi pengolahan informasi untuk pengambilan keputusan dan peningkatan pengetahuan atau wawasan. 996 more words


Website about ICT especially created for teachers

Towards the end of putting my recent assignment together I was after one more ICT tool that would assist me to present information in a creative way to capture my audience. 197 more words

7 Minute Guide to Why and How ICTs are used in 'my' Year 10 HPE Class

This Piktochart was created as an online artefact for EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy.

The context is an informative and interactive web graphic, to inform parents of why and how we would be using ICTs in their child’s Year 10 HPE class, and to open communication for future discussion about their child and their learning needs. 49 more words


Kidpreneurs and Kidventors Build Our Tomorrow

Keen to see what our future looks like, I recently volunteered to spend a day with a bunch of kidpreneurs and kidventors.

I met these enterprising Gen Z students at a technology-related equivalent of the X Factor for kids. 351 more words


Kids raid caves in virtual classroom

Remember when going on a school excursion meant a trip to the bowling alley? Or, for a really special occasion, perhaps a visit to the local fun park? 344 more words