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H2020 Commission announces €100 million Fast Track to Innovation and five innovation prizes

European Commission – Press Release details page – European Press release Brussels, 22 July 2014 Commission The European Commission today presents details of a new €100 million “Fast Track to Innovation” (FTI) pilot action and five innovation prizes under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s €80 billion research and innovation programme.

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Alliances, the mark of progressive IT managed services

Despite an obvious lack of skills within the ICT managed services and outsourcing space – and an environment that is defined by constant change, the reality of the market today is that partnership with a reputable, capable and informed Managed Services Provider (MSP) is essential so as to allow business to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by the rapidly changing technological landscape. 596 more words


European Parliament: How do the political changes affect anti-torture priorities?

IRCT Advocacy Advisor Elena Zacharenko, based in the IRCT’s European Affairs Office, explains the main changes in the political landscape of the European Parliament and speculates on how these alterations could affect the priorities of human rights organisations. 666 more words


Mobile Money: Getting Banking Services to the Poor

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) has recently taken on a new and challenging task: to promote digital financial inclusion through the adoption of technical standards. 659 more words


Five uses for WiFi even we didn’t see coming

Remember the internet of the 90s? When browsing online meant being stuck at your desk with your whiz-bang 56k modem. It was an era without smartphones, without tablets – some might say, without freedom. 240 more words


INTRICT Post #12: Digital Natives, Digital Idiots

Our lecture in our INTRICT class today was on the concerns and effects of the rapidly advancing technology, such as: the digital natives generation, computers taking over jobs (but the advancement creating new ones) and the use of fear on humans to manipulate them for profit. 314 more words