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Peace Mobile 2 Islamic Cell Phone by TechnoGlobal Hits Marketplace

TechnoGlobal Middle East releases their highly advanced Peace Mobile 2 smartphone this week as the world’s first and only Islamic cell phone.

“This device is meant to be a solution for humanity in spreading the loving teachings of Islam while striking a balance in the fast paced modern world many Muslims live in today. 40 more words


Role Of ICT In Teaching Biology

Senthilkumar R*, Sivapragasam C** and Senthamaraikannan B*


This study reveals that Education has been described as means to modify the behaviour. Biological science deals with study of living organism, their living environment and various interactions between living things and environment. 110 more words

Articles On Science & Technology

My strengths and weaknesses in ICT by Tom McManus

I enjoyed ICT in school, but growing up I never really had an interest in technology or computing. It is only as I have grown up that my interest in this field has grown. 167 more words

Things I have learnt on Prac thus far about using technology in the classroom.

Like sarabree and mrsmckinty I have found that using technology in the classroom has many downs more than ups, but it is how we manage the problems that enables us to become more confident not only with the ICT in our classrooms but also as us in teachers. 171 more words


Reflection for PRAC week 2

Wow!!! My Prac is going too quick!! Like Catherinelwilson and Mrs JP Finan,  I have really enjoyed and had  great professional experience too.  I hope my other fellow EDC3100 students are enjoying their experience of prac just as much and really want to stay longer!! 368 more words


There is no 'and' in ICT

There is no ‘and’ in ICT. Or there shouldn’t be.

Information that is not communicated is very much like that tree that falls in the forest. 692 more words

Operating systems - Command Line and GUI

Command Line/command screen is a user interface which is navigated by typing commands at prompts rather than using the mouse to perform a task.  Unlike the GUI this system only uses the keyboard to navigate by entering a command which does not need the aid of a mouse. 136 more words