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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

Platform: Xbox One

During my fifteen or so hours with Wolfenstein: The New Order I encountered a crazy scientist, piloted giant German robots, tortured someone with a chainsaw and killed Nazi’s on the moon whilst dual-wielding laser guns. 1,214 more words


Renato Russo estava certo quando dizia que :''mentir para si mesmo é sempre a pior mentira''.

Hoje eu percebi. Me dei conta de que Renato Russo estava certo quando dizia que :”mentir para si mesmo é sempre a pior mentira” 422 more words


♡ Inspiration Daily ♡

Pretty self-explanatory. Never let your success cloud your vision. Being humble is a great trait to have. Nobody likes an arrogant, self-absorbed and successful person. Get everything you want out of life, but always remember where you came from and how you got to where you are. 12 more words

College Life

Humans are Weird

Midterms have ever so rudely invited themselves into our schedules these past couple of weeks, kickstarting an unpleasant phase of campus-wide melancholy. At the conclusion of each of these exams, each student is required to show a facilitator their student ID to verify that the identity of the test taker matches the information given on the answer sheet. 454 more words

IBM Design are recruiting Visual Designers

Job Description

Welcome to a new era of design-led innovation. IBM Design engages and inspires forward-thinking individuals everywhere to impact humanity in ways that matter and endure. 240 more words


Photograph Of Jewelry Draws Tips In Serial Murder Case

(CBS) – Police in Northwest Indiana may be closer to learning the identities of two victims of an alleged serial killer.

Promising new leads came one day after authorities released a photograph of jewelry worn by one of the women victims. 148 more words


Sigmund Freud The Id, Ego, & Superego

Class Starter Questions:  What are some examples of the Id and the pleasure principle from the cartoon? some examples of the superego and the morality principle? 316 more words

Unit 9 Developmental Psychology