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My Tag Story: Oh How We've Grown

What does it mean to innovate? To be an innovator? How have I progressed as an innovator? What have I learned about the skill(s) of innovation? 1,767 more words


… Believe Of The Japanese Deco Nails? I’d Like To Hear Your Comments

… Consider of the Japanese Deco Nails? I’d Like to Hear Your Comments
Monday, September 22nd, 2014 – Cute Nail Styles

… Think Of The Japanese Deco Nails? 33 more words

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Sycamore Slab Nook Table

We recently delivered this Sycamore slab table to be used in a breakfast nook.

Sun Valley

Human Nature: The Id, Ego, and Superego

A few years ago I became interested in Buddhism. I read a short description of this “religion” somewhere on the internet. Whatever the description said (I can’t remember now), it intrigued me; so I decided to learn more about the belief system. 5,570 more words


currently being coerced by gravity

To placate hind-brain
with hedonistic savagery
and ameliorate,
feed 1’s self
4 scores of 3,
4 methylenedioxy -N- methylamphetamine.

And enjoy the company of:
and Molly.


this is my family, Fikom 29

Akhirnya saya bisa posting lagi. Sudah lama juga ya saya tidak mem-posting sesuatu. Sebenernya udah agak basi sih kalo ngapdet ini tapi saya mau berbagi pengalaman saja sama teman-teman yang kebetulan lagi mampir di halaman ini… 638 more words

That Spectacular Vacation- The Dreaded Paperwork

That Spectacular Vacation- the Dreaded Documentation

While envisioning all the great things you’ll be doing on your trip the idea of the ‘paperwork’ needed to make it happen makes most of us cringe. 598 more words