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2.4 Visual Soundscape

Creating a visual to a soundscape is hard. The soundscape I received from my partner is fairly close to what we talked about, but it’s vastly more difficult to match up video than I thought it would be. 220 more words

Idea Development

2.3 Animated Text

This one was a doozy to come up with. I really had no idea what direction I was going in at first. I thought, well, something EPIC… and something that was simultaneously recognizable but not so familiar that it would be boring or cliche. 187 more words

Idea Development

2.2 Word Design

How about some word art progress?

For our word art project, I spent a fair amount of time learning how to use adobe illustrator through various tutorial videos. 303 more words

Idea Development

2.1 Blog Design

Blog Design is super hard. No it really is. This is one of those posts I’m doing last minute, because I took so long to find a way to organize content and select a theme that I liked. 59 more words

Idea Development

Visual Soundscape

I was recently working on creating a visual soundscape for our final project in class. We watched some examples from past years in class and it is really fascinating to see what people came up with, especially given the sounds that they had to work with. 52 more words

Idea Development

Musique Concrete & Visual Soundscape

Putting my finishing touches on the video for this project.
So the audio that I received from Marcella is actually insane-

-good thing that it’s still along the lines of our original theme of +~aBsuRdItY*~ 63 more words


Developing Cover

The symbol of Acid House, the smiley face is one of the strongest signifiers of rave culture. I was seeking some inspiration for my DPS in issues of Creative Review, issues from around the year 2000, in one of these issues i found a use of the smiley face in a fashion photoshoot for Burberry London by the fashion photographer Mario Testino. 444 more words